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Dreams do come true!


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Regarding veneering, Greg can be a great resource (forum name greg928gts), he's very knowledgeable in that area. He can tweak a khorn to no end (see pic below). He's done some beautiful work IMO. Great info by WC as well.


Welcome to the forum as well.

I have Greg's first pair of re-veneered Klpschorns here in my family room. I am very familiar wth Greg's work; it's insanely great. He also has one of the best Klipsch restoration websites in the world. If you haven't been there, here's the link. You will learn a lot just reading what he's put up there.


If you go his other website, Volti Audio, you'll fnd his V-Trac horn kits. In my humble opinion, putting his V-Tracs in my Klipschorns took them to a whole new level. I am using the throat adapters until I have a liittle extra money to get the 2" drivers, but they are wonderful as well. After you've had a little listeniing time with whatever pair you go with, try to find someone on the west coast who has a pair of V-Tracs and give them a listen.


These are not inexpensive mods and require universal networks made by a bunch here ... Bobby Crites, Al Klappenberger, DeanG, Greg too ... But the new networks got the midrange balanced correctly and with the larger tractrix throat, the sweet spot is very big and the music just seems to open waaaaaay up.

It's all a good trip and journey. Just adding some ideas to the great wealth of knowledge on this site.


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