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Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 L & R channels intermittently lose signal [Pictures inside]


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Hey guys,


I've had my 2.1s for over 10 years now with minor issue, just some volume knob scratchiness. Over the past couple of years I began to notice a more serious issue. The right channel would consistently lose signal. Usually with a little physical nudging of the sub the signal would come back. Over time it became more and more common, and now the left channel sees a similar issue. I opened up the sub to see how the internals look and attached are some pictures. I know some of this is glue, but something doesn't seem right.




Is there anything here that catches anyone's eye that has maybe popped or exploded?

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I'm having a similar issue and was looking for a solution. Hope somebody has an answer for us both. Was looking at this and wondering if it might help or if it is the channel going out on the amp



SummitLink® Replacement Stand-alone Control Pod with Power Button for Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Computer Speakers 
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