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Promedia 2.1 High Frequency Whine


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Had my Promedia 2.1 for about 2 years or so and I've loved it. Unfortunately, after sitting for 6 months while I was deployed it has started giving off a really bad annoying whine. I've troubleshot it down to the sub giving off the sound. I know this for sure, because once the whine started I unplugged everything from the sub and it was still there until a unplugged the power to the sub. The only "fix" I've found is if I run some bass heavy music through it for a couple minutes the whine will then go away for about 10 minutes and then returns. I thought it might have been some issues with it sitting next to my computer tower, some kind of interference, but I isolated the sub and moved it away from everything else and the problem still exists. Any ideas whats wrong and If I can fix it?

-Thank You.

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Hi @krazykyle. It's interesting that you should say that. I have the same speaker set and the same issue. 

I started off with a Promedia 2.1 which gave off this high-pitch noise coming directly from the subwoofer when the system was switched off. After a consultation with Klipsch themselves, I sent that set back to Amazon and got a replacement. 

The second Promedia 2.1 set (currently in use) has the same issue, but this time when the system is switched ON. 
It doesn't happen every time I switch the speakers nor does it happen instantly when I switch them on. I can be listening to music for half an hour and all of the sudden, this high-pitch noise will begin and the only way to get rid of it would be to switch the system off. 

I would be interested if a solution to this issue becomes available. 
- Thank You. 

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The ProMedia 2.1 system should be left on 24/7. There's no good reason to turn it off, unless you're going to be gone for several months and you don't like the idea of it drawing like 1-2 watts 24/7 while you're away. Even then, it's fine to leave it on.


So, if you can get this sound to stop at some point after powering it on, then leave it on and never turn it off. Due to lower quality parts being used in this speaker system, turning it off and on every single day can actually kill the amplifier, but probably not until after worse and worse problems develop over time. It just can't take that daily abuse, and for this speaker system, turning it off and on every day is pretty harsh.


Klipsch will even recommend that you leave this system on 24/7 if you ask them. There's really no benefit to turning it off.

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Emailing with a rep, they gave me some possible solutions unfortunately none of them worked. The rep recommended ordering a replacement amp at $80, but at that price might as well buy a new system.  As much as I have loved these speakers, I've been reading tons of review saying the cheaper parts being used in this system. Originally I was set on ordering the new Promedia 2.1 Bluetooth, but instead I found a good deal on the Logitech z533 and will take the hit in overall system power. Don't get me wrong I still like Klipsch as a brand and will continue to use my nice in-ear headphones that they made.. Very unfortunate. But tis life.

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