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Howdy everybody, I am new here and I just picked up a pair of these wonderful GMX-A2.1's. Lagacy computer or cinema speakers. I have no manual and I was wondering how many watts it takes to drive these. Mine are hooked up to an old Marantz 2015 and they sound great for what they are. Amazing really for what I am used too. Can my computer drive these or do I need the sub-woofer to drive them? It came with a powered sub-woofer which I do not have.


Thanks for any advice.


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So basically you just have the satellite speakers? Like, you basically have what could probably called GMX-A2.0?

It's a total of 28W (14W x 2). I don't know what that means in terms of connecting these as passive speakers. You'll probably get an extremely low volume if they're not amplified.

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