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Would it be worth paying half-price and getting a (mis-matched) Klipsch rc52 instead of the (matching) rp-250c?


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I have ordered the RP-160m bookshelfs, and am now looking for a center speaker too. I understand the rp-250c is the (intended) corresponding center to speakers like the 160m (when used as fronts).


I have the opportunity to spend around $90 for a used rc52 on craigslist. There are no rp-250c's on craigslist, and the cheapest one on amazon is around $220. How comparable is the 52? Would it be a significant mis-match? Should I bite the bullet, even if it was a mis-match? Is the 250c itself, regardless of tonal matching, a much better quality speaker to have/wait for?


Any advice would be appreciated!

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changing rc-52 to rc52
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