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I am told by Klipsch that one channel is out on my R20-B subwoofer, resulting in diminished bass response.  Klipsch does not repair and two of their authorized repair centers do not have parts as this model is no longer manufactured.  "Sorry." 'Click.'  Sucks to be me.




Do I have a two year old boat anchor?


Some background.  At some point, there began a popping sound from the woofer when changing channels or inputs, when there was before.  My thought was that something muted when this action occurred.  An original called Klipsch was responded with, this is not a fault of the speaker.  My cable provider denied any connection to their service and this popping anomaly.  Again, I assumed some muting what's happening on the cable provider audio side.


So, I learned to live with it, turning my volume down when changing channels or inputs.  Ultimately I began to notice loss in bottom.

Another call to Klipsch revealed you could be a circuitry problem and this issue was not unheard-of by the tech who serviced me, stating that the circuitry problem could have resulted in blowing out one channel in the subwoofer.


Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller??

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R-20B Sound bar and Woofer issues.


I am having a similar issue where the sound bar and woofer are not producing sound. The woofer is also producing a popping noise or like a knocking sound repeatedly even if the speaker is not connected to the tv. I also cannot seem to change the output on the sound bar either. Any one know whats going on here?


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