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ProMedia 2.1 Problems

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ProMedia 2.1, #06461333, CSA Project #205697

The left channel does not reproduce any audio from the left speaker.  The subwoofer and right channel seem to work fine.  The headphones output from the right speaker control module works fine.

I have done some disassembly of the subwoofer cabinet and left speaker and some testing and confirmed that:

. the fuse in the left channel high frequency board is blown.

. there is a spot on the lower portion of the left high frequency board that looks like it has been overheated and probably fried.

. the left satellite speaker crossover tests fine, but the mid/woofer in the left speaker is dead.

. the 4 speaker spring loaded connection strip is dried out and falling apart

So I need to figure out what to do with this - trash it or maybe I can fix it?  I can't imagine it is worth paying a pro to repair it & I am reasonably handy at repairing stereo components.


1. What are the specs for the mid/woofer driver so I can see if there is a proper match out there - ohms load?  low/high frequency capability?

2. Is it possible to replace the left high frequency channel board and might that solve that problem?  Or maybe rebuild that board if the board itself is ok?

3.Should I just trash the amplifier guts and replace it with a 2.1 plate or external 2.1 amplifier of similar specs and get some usage out of this speaker system?

My internet reading tells me this is a very common problem with the ProMedia 2.1 speaker systems, so I'm hoping solutions have been developed.

Any knowledge, experience or solutions others have to offer are greatly appreciated.

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ProMedia 2.1 BT my right speaker terminal on back of subwoofer is dead (since when I attach the other speaker to it it doesn't work)

so the satellite speakers are fine but no juice from that terminal.

I have sent request to Klipsch for info what to do.

If it's a matter of opening up the back and replacing a fuse or something I cd probably do it.

Any help on this?

Thank you,

larry goodell

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