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Best hd for the money


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Hehe, my brother-in-law works for Quantum. I having my sis check into what kind of deals he can get me. Seb, or anyone, any recommendations on the minimum HD size for non-video editing apps (general use, gaming, etc.)? I have 13 GB now but it's clearly not enough, so what's a good number these days?

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30 GB 7200 RPM IBM deskstars are going for 130$ + shipping. Good seagate and maxtor 45 GB drives are around 160$. Go to pricewatch and check em out. That site is great, can you believe a GHz tbird is going for less then 190$? A P3 Ghz is still over 400$.

Anyway, I got a quantum fireball with my compaq. Yes you heard that right. I don't think its anything special, its a 5400 rpm drive. Look at access time, and read reviews. As long as you buy a brand you've heard of, and its a 7200+ rpm drive, you'll be happy.

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