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GeniClip RST and In Ceiling Speakers

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Having my basement finished and bought GenieClips isolators for the ceilings and walls in my theater room.  I’m using 5/8” drywall on the ceiling so the total drop will be 2 7/16” with the clip, furring strip and drywall.  I have ME-800-C enclosures for my CDT-5800s and curious if anyone else has installed enclosures and speakers with a similar setup.  I can’t mount the enclosures directly to the joist above because even with the doglegs maxed out they are only 1 3/4” of depth for mounting.  I also would prefer to have the speakers sit all the way into the enclosure for maximum noise control.


My plan is to install 2x4 mounting blocks on the joist and the mount the ME-800s to it with a drop depth of 1 15/16”. The ME-800s have a speaker opening with a 1/2” lip and the  thickness of the speaker ring is about 1/16” while the enclosure mounting tabs are about 1/32”.  I figured this would put me 1/32” shy of 2 7/16”, which would give me a slight recess and put the magnetic speaker cover slightly extending beyond the ceiling height.  


Does my math sound right and should I be accounting for something else?  

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