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Bar 48 surround 3 speaker crackling….


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I’ve got cracking in my wireless Surround 3 speakers connected to my Bar 48.  It’s intermittently R or L or both at once & seems to come when I’m switching a channel or source.  Switching surround mode off eliminates it until I turn surround mode back on, however unplugging the surround speaker seems to reset it resulting in no crackling.  At first I thought it was cable related, but occurs with both comcast and ATV, then I thought it was related to using the dialogue mode, but that wasn’t it either.  Looks like other folks have the same problem on the forum but I don’t see any answers there.

I’m wondering if the issue is WiFi related and unplugging the surround speaker resets it’s little WiFi chip or settings?  I don’t have to re-pair the unit to the Bar 48 after repowering the unit which makes me thing it’s not resetting to a default mode…any suggestions on preventing this intermittent crackling?

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