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Dvix to Mpeg 1...ahhh dare to dream the impossible!


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Yo Finster here,

Ok this one should take a real 'puter geek with no life to figure out1.gif Here's the problem. I'll download a DVD Ripped, Dvix formatted movie from ... let's say Kazaa. Now, I run the movie through the software to change it to mpeg1 format. So let us review...... DVD...ripped to Dvix....changed to mpeg1 so a cheap *** like me can burn it to a 20 cent CD-R. IS EVERYONE WITH ME?? Ok, here is the problem. When I play it in my dvd player (which also accepts CDR) I get pauses and skips. I've tried several different filters, different software, even nero5. Nothing works. SUGGESTIONS? Other than "Buy a DVD Burner 'ya cheap prick!"9.gif

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