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Best sub match for Heresey IV?


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My father recently gifted me his old Quad II monoblocks, so I have finally taken the plunge on some Heresy IVs, which I have been wanting for a couple of years now.


I have read they can be a bit light, so I was going to match them with the Adam Audio Sub10 that I currently use with AX7 monitors. However, I think I would like to invest in something that will really give an outstanding performance on the low end. I listen to a lot wide range of genres, but I DJ disco, house & techno so good bass extension is important to me.


I have read that the REL 1508/1510HT series pairs well with the Heresy, but I can't easily audition one.


The top end of my budget is around £1500/$2000, but I will probably try to find ex-demo or good quality second-hand.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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