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Tube preamp to use with Hafler DH-200 and La Scalas

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So I resurrected my old Hafler DH-200 Amp and Carver CT-7 preamp.  The Hafler needed one cap replaced and now seems to be working fine with a very slight hum, that does not increase with volume and is independent of connections to other equipment.  I have a few ideas for that (replace the other small elecrolytic caps and new RCA terminals for starts).  My Carver also seems to be working OK, but is scratchy with the volume and the phono input is finicky. I have a separate phono preamp for that issue so not a big deal.   Also, I do like the sonic holography feature. 


Regardless, I'm going to stick with the Hafler, I like how it sounds compared to my other receivers and it's simple to fix.  My question is should I put money into the 35 year old Carver or look for a tube preamp?  I'm thinking the latter and then maybe in the future I could get a separate tube amp as well. This is all to drive my La Scalas.  



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