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Never compliment my poetry....


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I am afraid you brought this on yourselves. This is an original post to audioreview.com that I thought I would share here as a brief history of my system. It covers everything but not in exact chronological order. Descriptions in brackets are not part of the poem - just explanations. As follows:

My Stereo sounded good to me

Then a friend suggested DVD

In came denon and Yamaha

Out went my Sony and Aiwa

Speakers were the next to go

Wharfdale made room for Klipsch you know

Five little speakers to replace just two (Quintet series)

and a sub-woofer - there's base for you. (KSW 10)

DVD disks arrived en-mass

Film and music in a different class

CDs confined to a bedroom drawer

Dolby digital surrounds my floor.

But the sound it was too small it seems

More KLipsch were summoned to boost my dreams

KSB monitors they were (3.1's)

and oh so lovely on the ear.

A year then passed and my friends evolved

My system's junk, they then resolved

So down to Klipsch one more time

And Heresy 2's were the next in line

But Yamaha just failed the task

Rotel was needed, this fault to mask

And bliss returned as did CD

Stereo now sounded so good you see

And slowly DVD got less and less

and CD took over - oh what a mess

This Yammy as pre-amp is not so good

It doesnt sound quite as it should

So we'll do away with 5.1

and DTS - that's it my son

Stereo is the thing for me

and Accuphase the place to be.

Out go the rears and the centre channel

Gone is the Rotel and all that flannel

But these cables are a waste my friend

So on some mogamis we did spend

And then the Heresy's needed more

So synergistic performed that chore (Synergistic silver cables)

But this Denon DVD

Cannot play a good CD

Marantz will fulfil this role (CD 6000)

Consign your denon to either pole (Denon 3000 - 1st gen DVD player)

And now I have a sound so clear

I wished it wasnt so terribly dear

I could save saved a bomb you see

If I hadnt ventured into DVD

And now they've got new toys it seems

SACD arrived to haunt my dreams

But DVDa is also here

SACD's pitch to queer

and I am at a loss my friend

no more money I have to spend

Patience of my wife at last ran out

As will she without a doubt

If one more dollar I do spend

On systems that just never end

So this is the end of my little tale

Of expenditure beyond the pail

Of DVD and all that stuff

Of music and this audio buff

If you made it to here - well done!

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