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For Sale: Klipsch KSB 3.1 Bookshelf speakers


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I'm looking to sell a pair of KSB 3.1 Bookshelfs that are in great condition. I originally was going to sell them to Michael, but he won't write back to my PMs! In any case, I'm looking for about $85 shipped. They will be put in the box for my RB61s so they will have sufficient packaging.



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TNRabbit-Fedex says the speakers were delivered.. I just wanted to make sure you got em!



Unpacked them this evening! Did they each have a corner that was crunched from being dropped? if not, they do now. I don't think it affects the structure, but isnt pretty.


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Just to update & resurrect an old thread~

I ordered a crossover from Klipsch (old one broke loose & in pieces inside the speaker) and glued/clamped the enclosure back together; good as new!!

I've been enjoying them in my truck now for a loooooooong time; here's a video (forgive the crappy sound quality of the video; it's SUPER clear in person):

Posted Image

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