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I got a PS3 for valentines day and the games I got are:

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

Uncharted: Drakes

Need for Speed:

So far Uncharted is my favorite. Untold Legends is pretty cool but playing 2 players kind of sucks because of the view. Need for Speed, this is kind of for my girlfriend and son.......but the graphics on this from the short time I've played it are amazing......

I do have a question for anyone that plays this on a Plasma tv, I took this to my brothers house to play and when I was playing Uncharted, the dark scenes were almost too dark. Is this common for Plasma tvs? Or is this a setting that can be changed? I am asking because I have a 52" projection TV and I want to step up to the flat screen world.

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It depends on the aspect ratio of the plasma display. Older ones had top of the line numbers of 1000:1, newer ones have top of the line numbers of 10,000:1.

If your lacking detail and depth of field, odds are a low aspect ratio display is involved.

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