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Interested in Custom Heritage Speakers?

Did I get your attention? We are gauging interest in a possible upcoming line of custom Heritage speakers. Check out this thread and be heard!

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New RB-81ii Setup

New RB-81ii Setup

Loving my new Cherry RB-81ii setup. I'm refinishing my sub cabinet at this time to integrate into the system/d├ęcor. However in just plain 2 channel listening, I've been very pleased with the performance of the 81s. It's quite amazing the amount of bass that these "bookshelves" are able to muster.

    i think this is what i'm going to go to.  however, i really want to add an RC-64 for a nice 3.1 set up. 

    nice set up. 

    Thanks! I've had 5.1 for what seems like forever, but I'm really enjoying the 2 channel setup right now. My viewing/listening position is so close that the 81s really excel.