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Interested in Custom Heritage Speakers?

Did I get your attention? We are gauging interest in a possible upcoming line of custom Heritage speakers. Check out this thread and be heard!

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20140505 221420

20140505 221420

    Very nice. I have a stand for sale that you could use for your center.

    Or put your tv on the rc64ii...no offense at all....in proper setup the center should be placed behind the mains


    Looks very nice!

    If I try to set the tv on the 64, the stand will actually allow the tv to tip forward. I am making a wall mount in the next few days then the 64 will return back to the tv stand. Also currently putting the computer in htpc case to give a cleaner look.

    Right on. There are them little rubber stubs big and small ones that would help hold the tv level on the 64...tv on wall though heck yeah! I have my 50" mounted farely high and really like it... easy to lay back and relax and look up to the tv...although some prefer level tv setting...cheers!

    the stand itself is too wide to fit on the 64. i could fit my old 55inch samsung on it, but the 65 4k is too wide.