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Or put your tv on the rc64ii...no offense at all....in proper setup the center should be placed behind the mains


Looks very nice!

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If I try to set the tv on the 64, the stand will actually allow the tv to tip forward. I am making a wall mount in the next few days then the 64 will return back to the tv stand. Also currently putting the computer in htpc case to give a cleaner look.

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Right on. There are them little rubber stubs big and small ones that would help hold the tv level on the 64...tv on wall though heck yeah! I have my 50" mounted farely high and really like it... easy to lay back and relax and look up to the tv...although some prefer level tv setting...cheers!

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the stand itself is too wide to fit on the 64. i could fit my old 55inch samsung on it, but the 65 4k is too wide.

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