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  1. Fantastic concept and very original premise that while impeccably shot, brilliantly acted and deftly directed, fell short of all potential due to it's mere 1-hour 40 minute cap.

    This was one movie I would've had zero complaints about if they had only stretched it to 3 hours, exploring all subplots and conspiracies. 
  2. The movie had a great premise, but I felt it was pretty much pure garbage that got boring the moment the intro scene ended and he kept talking on his cell on the drive over.

    The chinatown sex scene was, however, a riot.
  3. On the same note of classical guitar and flamenco, my recommendation is:

    Charo "Guitar Passion" - Classical/Spanish/Flamenco CD.

    Her trademark sensual, silky and seductive voice is here in spades.  The songwriting is excellent, varied, and the musicianship is top-drawer.  The lady has fingers!

    She's also the mother of my best friend since 7th grade...


  4. Grog, what a coincidence of the universe!  I was listening to Air's "Moon Safari" album when I came across your post!  So in keeping with the French electronica theme, allow me to recommend my personal favorite...

    M83.  "Before The Dawn Heals Us" - Electronica/DJ vinyl or CD.

    Ethereal, stirring, melancholy, diabolically dramatic, uplifting, brooding, dreamy...all depending on which track you're listening to.  The best description I read from a review regarding this album was, "if you died and went to heaven, this is probably what the journey would sound like."


  5. Depeche Mode "Songs of Faith and Devotion" CD.

    An older album, I know, but one that I only recently rediscovered in my collection. This showcases the legendary synth-rock group's departure from their norm, mostly in part due to their heavy alcohol and drug-infused period. And it shows. The songs are heavy, somber, depressing, but ultimately retain the gorgeous, goth-pop sound of Depeche Mode.


  6. Cool page, Mike. You remind me a lot of my good friend Oliver who does all my work - for free. He's an ex-skinhead (the non-racist type) but not straight edge, based in Hollywood. I don't think he's religious at all, come to think of it. Got his own brand of faith, like me.

    By the way, I ONLY use Macs. +1 for the good guys.

  7. Another enthusiastic recommendation here. Wonderful movie with powerful and brilliant performance not so much from Elijah Wood, but co-star Charlie Hunnam (who you may also know from ***** As Folk).

    The only gripe I had about this flick was how unrealistic it was for these boys to go through such skull-crushing fights only to emerge with a knick and a bruise the next morning.

  8. Same here. Not only do I have a bottle of it (from TJ) in my fully-stocked bar at home, but had to down 13oz of it (a can of coke is 12oz) as the final act of my fraternity initiation.

    Being the pledge president, I had to hold it in until the remaining 12 members of my class downed theirs, at which point we then recited our pledge chant, then bolted for the hotel restrooms.

    Some didn't make it that far...

  9. I've been tattooed for 15 hours straight.

    I've been in a bar-bawl on Sunset Blvd. where myself and 2 buddies squared off against 9 fellas from Boston.

    I've had producers and agents (of both sexes) attempt to make deals with me in exchange for sexual favors.

    I've apprehended a security gaurd who was spraying mace at everyone inside a Korean Club.

    I leaped across rooftops at 4AM in Laguna Beach.

    I've attended the Oscars and Emmy's, and the after-parties.

    I was a medicinal cannabis patient.

    I accompanied my mother as Princess Diana's official host when she visited Hong Kong in 1990-something.

    I told Pierce Brosnan, in person, that I believed he was the greatest "Bond" of any generation.

    I've been paddle-swatted over 60 times in a single session.

    I have never had any regrets.

  10. Thom Yorke "Eraser" - Progressive/Experimental Rock LP/CD.

    Legendary frontman of the band Radiohead, Yorke's tunes come as no surprise. They're melancholy, layered with blips, beeps and synth, complete with his soaring falcetto and ambiguous lyrics.

    For any fan of Radiohead, this is a must. For anyone looking for music where you'll consistently discover something new upon each subsequent listen, this is a must.


  11. Muse "Black Holes & Revelations" - progressive/hard/glam-rock LP/CD

    My favorite band of all-time has finally released their long-awaited and highly-anticipated 4th studio album. An eclectic mix of powerful stadium-shaking glamrock, blissful ballads, and textured distortion rock, Muse are as progressive as their sound is epic.

    If anyone is remotely interested in sampling what may possibly be one of their greatest musical discoveries of their lifetime, or simply if one is bored with the current mass-market selection of gunk out there today, I emplore you to pick up this album and ask yourself why a phenom in Europe is scarcely known to the U.S. public.


  12. I do like how, as of late, Christopher Walken has broken out of his once typecast role of the creepy, sinister villain.

    Anything Kate Beckinsale is in makes it a must-see. It's also nice to see her break out of what I generally associate her as - a tough-as-nails leather-clad vampire-hunting b!atch.

  13. Hey Nick: "All the Glens are good (Glenrosthes, Glenmorangie, Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, Glenfarclas, Glendronach, etc), though not in my top tier."  What about GlennMosby? [;)]

    Sorry buddy, I could not resist! -Glenn

    LOL, my mistake!

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