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  1. Thanks for all of the input everyone. I picked up the Marantz SR5011last night on sale @ $100 off. Installing today. a
  2. Yes. My Pioneer DVD-Audio/SACD player has separate analog outputs for all 5.1 channels (front L, center, front R, rear L, rear R, and sub). My current HK 630, and the HK 260 and Marantz 5011 have matching individual analog inputs for each of the same channels. A gaggle of gold tipped Monster cables help. The multi channel mix on the DVD-Audio discs really sounds awesome and the true channel separation is really terrific. Since both of the new receivers I'm eyeing provide that type input (as well as a good handful of HDMI and optical in's), I'm looking for any comments of suggestions as to which of these brands of amplifier sections are a better match with Klipsch. The HK is a more high-current output amp than the Marantz. Any differences in the sound? Marantz is warmer, HK is brighter, etc?
  3. I have to replace my 12+ yr old Harman Kardon AVR 630 multi-channel receiver. I've been very pleased with it's performance but one of the channel amps has blown out. I am running Klipsch SF1's, SC-1 Center, KB1.1, and a KSW10 Sub. I prefer analog 7 channel inputs, so I've narrowew it down to the Harman Kardon AVR 2600 versus Marantz SR5011. Any thoughts or suggestions on which might pair better with my speaker types? Thanks in advance.
  4. At first glance it does sound like a speaker issue, but if it is a speaker problem, what are the odds of PittsKid getting two consecutive brand new SF-1's with the same defect? He mentioned that only one of the SF-1's of the original pair had the popping, and after swapping speakers from left to right channel, the popping moved over to the right channel and stayed with the same speaker, which he says he returned and had replaced with another new one. However, the new one is exhibiting the same problem as the one he returned, but the other SF-1 he still has from the original pair has never displayed the problem when connected to either channel. As mentioned, it sounds like a speaker issue, but I'm hard-pressed to believe that he got two similarly defective new Klipsch speakers in a row.
  5. I'm considering a new home A/V receiver, and I'm alittle smitten with the Harmon Kardon 525. It provides 85Wx2 in stereo, or 70w x 7 channels. I'll be hooking up to this Klipsch arrangement: KSF-1's for front R+L KSC-1 Center channel KSB 1.1's for rear R+L and a 10" Yamaha sub (sorry :-)) While my speakers are all rated to handle at least "70 watts", my question concerns the very high current output of the HK. It is rated as follows: High Instantaneous Current Capability (HCC): ±45 Amps. This is much higher than most other receiver/amps of the same power rating. In reference to the high current level, is this still an OK match-up for the Klipsch speakers mentioned above? thanks, art
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