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  1. I wonder how many people reading this topic or replied to this topic have bought their Heritage speakers brand spakin nnnneeewwww!!!! If most people are going to ebay to buy their Heritage speakers and no new ones are being bought then what do you expect Klipsch to do? How do you expect them to continue eating the cost of producing the Heritage series if no one is buying them new?

    And yes I just payed $3600 for a brand new pair of La Scalas. I could of gone to ebay and get a pair for a lot less but if we don't continue to buy new Heritage speakers then the line will die because not enough people are buying them and supporting the heritage line.

    I agree with many things people have said on this topic. Another reason I think the heratige line has suffered is that people don't buy a system for just music today. Now for most people a home theater system is what they want first and the sound quality is good enough for most people. When Klipsch came out with Home theater speakers that were cheaper and sounded good, no not like a Khorn or La Scala, they expanded their product line and gave customers more choices. Home theater has been one reason why the Heritage line is strugling and no Jublee has been made. The fact of the matter is even if a lot of people had enough money to buy Khorns and LS they would not have enough money left to buy the preamps, amps, etc to get the best sound. So it is even more crucial that people who want to buy a Heritage speaker buy it new!! My local Klipch dealer told me they could not get new La Scalas. So I found a dealer 100 miles away.

    By the way I realize some of you have bought their Khorn, LS, etc brand new.

  2. I have a Dennon 2900 dvd player and when I play dvd-A or sacd The sound is okay but when I put in a DTS recorded cd such as Lyle Lovet's "Joshua judges Ruth" it sounds so much better. Am I the only one who thinks this? If you own one cd of each type then do a comparision of each and let me know what you think.

  3. Well I just bought a Luxman C300 preamp on ebay. This is the same preamp my friend had running his La Scalas with a Hafler 100 watt amp and I never have heard La Scalas sound better. Should have it in a week or two. The frustrating part is now I have to wait 6 weeks for my LS to be built.

  4. John can you help me with preamp ideas. I waiting for 2 Monarchy Audio SM 70 pros to get here and I'm wondering what would be a good preamp. Right now I have KLF 20s but I put in an order for some La Scalas. I don't know if I should go with a ss preamp or tube. I have never used any tube products so don't know anything about them.

    I'm going to use the LS in my home theater system but I want to set up a seperate stereo system just for music.

    I was thinking of getting the Monarchy 22c DAC and DIP upsampler and using it as a preamp. The only problem I have with the 22c is no tone controls. MY price range is $1000 and buying a preamp around June of 2004.

    Also since the LS are going to be used in both systems do you know of a good system selector I can use to switch the LS between systems? Thanks for any preamps you could suggest.

    Well I just bought a Luxman C300 preamp on ebay. This is the same Luxman preamp that my friend has so when I saw it I grabbed it.

  5. I just put in an order for some brand new La Scalas and I also ordered 2 Monarchy Audio SM 70 pros to go with them. I've seen some people in the forum use these amps so can you suggest a preamp to go with them. I have a Luxman stereo reciever, R-341, that I have used as a preamp with a single SM 70 and KLF 20s and love the sound!!

    I'm considering the Monarchy Audio M22c DAC with the extra chip and also buying their DIP upsampler. Has any one gone with a simiar set up to run their Bells, La SCalas, or Khorns? I've thought about buying a used Luxman preamp but I don't like buying used products. Simply because I just don't know how they were treated. The outside can look great but after 20-25 years things on the inside may be on their last leg. However you can find great deals with used products and do some TLC and spend a lot less than new products.

    Also I need a good system selector so I can switch the La Scalas between the home theater and stereo system. I don't know anything about what makes a good one good and what makes a average one average. Well thanks for any suggestions.

    I just read Dean G list of things I should include when asking for advice.

    1) I currently have a home theater system with KLF 20s as the mains. What I want to do is use the La Scalas as the mains and get a system selector so I can switch the La Scalas over to a stereo system. I just bought 2 SM 70 Pros to go with the LS and need a preamp. Would using a DAC and upsampler going into a preamp really help the sound of CDs sound more like analog?

    2) The room is 15x16 feet.

    3) I'll be around 12 feet from the speakers while sitting on couch.

    4)I listen to rock, jazz, with small amounts of other styles.

    5)Low to medium is how loud with an high every once in a while.

    6) The LS will be part of both home theater and stereo systems so I will need a good system selector.

    7)Well after buying the LS and 2 SM 70 pros no more than $1000 and that is waiting 3-6 months before buying the preamp.

    Hope this helps with any ideas you could give me. Thanks

  6. I just put in an order for some new La Scalas, around mid Nov, and i'm curious how they sound with the new crossover compared to the old one. How long did it take from putting in the order to setting them up in your house? I was told 6-8 weeks. Well I'm sure you will enjoy your new Khorns as much as I will my LS. Let me know what you are running them with.

  7. I own a Monarchy SM 70 with 25 watts in stereo going to KLF 20s and it sounds fantastic. I just bought 2 SM 70 pros for 685 each directly from Monarchy Audio and as soon as they get here I'll post a review on them going to my KLF 20's which were replaced by the speaker you are going to buy. These are going to be used in mono mode going to some La Scalas I ordered. Good luck with your search.

  8. I have a Luxman stereo reciever from the early ninties, 35 luxman watts. I don't know what Luxman's surround recievers sound like but my Luxman stereo reciever sounds better than my Dennon 4800 and it's 10 years older with 80 watts less per channel. I think home theater recievers will never be able to sound as good as componets that are designed only for music reproduction. If you are happy with it's capablilites then don't buy anything else. However if you want 7.1 or whatever it is now then be ready for a possible decrease in sound quality. If you are trying to improve the sound quality then don't buy a home theater reciever.

    There are good home theater recievers but you will have to pay for them. I have been very satisfied with my Dennon 4800 for Home theater. But when I compare the Dennon to my Luxman the Luxman wins. I've been using a Monarchy Audio SM 70 25 watts stereo amp with the Luxman as a preamp and it sounds even better. See if you can find a dealer that would let you take a demo home.

  9. Thanks for the info I'm looking forward to hearing them. I'm buying 2 Monarchy Audio SM-70 pros 80 watts class A mono amps to run them. I'm also buying the model 22c DAC and DIP upsampler from Monarchy. I've been using 1 SM 70 in stereo 25 watts for my KLF 20's and the monarchy amp matches very well with the Klipsch speakers. So two amps with 80 watts going into the La Scalas should have a fantastic sound.

    Later this year I'm planning to buy a Luxman preamp. My best friend used a early eighties top of the line Luxman preamp with a Hafler 100 watt amp going into La Scalas and I still have not heard a better sound in almost 20 years now! Thanks again for the info once I get the stereo system hooked up and running I'll post a note here.

  10. It's hard to explain if you have never heard them before. Concert halls, recording studios are some of the professional use of these speakers. When driven by a top quality system (preamp, amp etc) the sound is as close as possible as being their live. My best friend had a pair of La Scalas with a Luxman top line preamp and a Halfer 100 watt amp and I still have not heard a system sound better!! He use to dj at parties and people would just stand and look at them. At every party he would have people comming up and asking him about them.

    The draw back with these speakers run by a top system is that if the recording is a bad one then it will reveal all the cd's flaws. But if it is a good recording it sounds fantastic!! I just put in an order for a pair and I'm upgrading my system. Right now I have a home theater reciever and I'm going to start a separte stereo system just for my La Scala's. Think of a Ferrari, they don't take the best engine and put it in a vw bug. They match the engine to the best parts to make the best car. Same principle with the La Scalas or any Klipsch speaker.

    Also the demands of speakers have changed. When Mr Klipsch designed the Klipschhorn there was no home theater. Today speakers are designed to do both music and home theater. The Heritage series was designed just for music.

  11. I noticed these paragraphs below in an article on the newscenter and was wondering if anyone has bought some La Scalas since the upgrade?

    "The Klipsch Heritage Series, which includes the Klipschorn, Belle Klipsch, La Scala and Heresy II loudspeakers, was recently reintroduced to the specialty audio market after about a year-long hiatus for some significant upgrades and improvements.

    All models (excluding the Heresy II) are now internally wired with Monster Cable Z-Series wire manufactured exclusively for the Klipsch Heritage Series, including Monster Cable¡¦s patented Magnetic Flux Tube dielectric technology. This proprietary wire is a step up even from the premium wire used in our Klipsch Reference Series. All models (excluding the Heresy II) now feature bi-wire inputs with five-way binding posts and custom manufactured Monster Cable bi-wire jumpers. We have established a durability upgrade to premium lacquer. This high-quality finish previously incurred 20% surcharges; now it is the standard finish."

    I just placed an order for a pair of La Scalas and was curious about the sound. I wonder if these upgrades were in response to people replacing the Klipsch crossovers and buying the ALK crossovers. Also I would like to hear the differenc between the new upgraded La Scalas and the ones that have the ALK in them. 16.gif

  12. My friend use to dj at parties and used a pair of La Scalas with a top line Luxman preamp and Hafler 100 watt amp with a sound that has not been matched by anything I've heard over the last 20 years!!! IF you go to Yahoo and type in a search on Luxman there is a Luxman group that you can join and post questions. Luxman still makes high end products they just do not sell them in the US anymore. There is a website call audiocubes2.com that sells Luxman products at what they claim to be discounted prices, preamp goes for $3800. I would join the yahoo group and get some idea of what your's are worth and then go to ebay. Good luck!


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