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  1. ---------------- On 5/18/2004 10:01:06 PM boomac wrote: ---------------- On 5/2/2004 4:44:55 PM bobsherman wrote: "The Blues and the Abstract Truth by Oliver Nelson is the disk. One of the greatest cuts ever is Stolen Moments. If you have never heard this please get it. Great players too;" --------------------------------------------------------- Just got the LP a few days ago and Bob is absolutely right about "Stolen Moments". It's a spectacular composition. Freddie Hubbard's opening solo is Freddie at his soulful best. Thanks on this one Bob! ---------------- You are very welcome! regards Bob
  2. ---------------- On 5/16/2004 12:05:10 PM NOSValves wrote: Okay Bob ripp them up 3 Dynaco reproductions and one original so where is the huge build quality difference ? Teflon coated silver wire 8" long ?? Boy that will be a show stopper in sound difference. I didn't play here I tested and retested on the bench and to the ear. The funny thing is the most expensive transformers I have go unused if they were truly better wouldn't you think I would have them in my own personal amps ?? One of these is real junk !! Learned that the hard way for sure what a waste of hard earned cash ! http://forums.klipsch.com/idealbb/files/tran1.jpg" border=0> http://forums.klipsch.com/idealbb/files/tran2.jpg" border=0> http://forums.klipsch.com/idealbb/files/"' target=_blank> ---------------- How can anyone tell anything about how a trans in made by looking at the outside. That is a big problem, if you really do not know anything about transformers a winder can sell you anything. You ask someone to wind you a Dyna Mark III output transformer, you get something back, do you have any idea what is in it? Do you know if the winding pattern is like a Dyna at all? Clearly theese answers are no. That is why you have gotten some less that quality transformers back. People will wind you anything and tell you it is a Rolls when it is really a Yugo! regards Bob
  3. ---------------- On 5/15/2004 7:10:48 PM NOSValves wrote: Sunny, I agree with all you said except the he is Authorized there is no Authorization required buying some old prints and or equipment does not make you Authorized. Also I own a Set of his Transformers and have completely tested them against the ones I had made. I will not bother toot my pwn horn. The reason I had them made was strictly from a supply issue Mike is not willing to offer these in a reasonable and stable time frame. He is just about completely into his SET stuff and the special chokes. You can't even buy his Dynaco Iron reliably through his Authorized Dealers they don't have it. He is a great guy and knows his stuff for sure I have spoken to him and bought the set I have directly from him. He is just busy with other projects that evidently are more important, interesting or profitable to him. Craig ---------------- Where do you get your info from? Mike has stock of many Dyna output transformers, and if not in stock normal delivery time is 4 to 6 weeks. Mike has a very extensive catalog, (actually he offers a much wider range of products than either Peerless or Dyna did in the late 50s which was the heyday of tubes.) It is hard to keep everything in stock, but they are worth the wait. regards Bob
  4. ---------------- On 5/15/2004 10:52:56 PM DeanG wrote: Only the first post is mine, the second is by Mark Deneen. At any rate, I don't see where either demeans or degrades Mike's efforts. Magnequest has an excellent reputation, but there are also other manufacturers, though not as well known -- who also do excellent work. ---------------- Excuse me for the error. Please tell us more about the NOS Valve transformers. What materials are used? Teflon? Are the leads Teflon? Are they impregnated? With what? I never said they were bad, just different. TIA. Regards Bob
  5. ---------------- On 5/15/2004 10:30:53 PM DeanG wrote: Bob -- where did I demean anybody's work? Are you referring to fact that I did not elevate Mike's work above everyone else's? Might I point out that it is actually you who are demeaning the work of another, in that you assume inferiority of the other transformer, and you have absolutely no basis or grounds on which to do so. You haven't seen them, measured them, used them in any amps, or actually compared them with the Magnequests. Have you considered the possibility that there might actually be someone with more experience and knowledge regarding transformers and their manufacture than Mike? ---------------- Here are two of your posts. I guess you forgot what you wrote. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++= Ah c'mon man, a "reissue" is still a "copy". I don't see how it can possibly matter whether you reverse engineer something to make a print or schematic, or use an original print. If it's wound the same way, measures the same, reacts the same way in the circuit, and produces the same end result -- it's "the same". ---------------------------------------------- I believe all the cloth-lead Dyna OPTs were made by G.G. Trusco in Philadelphia, whom to my knowledge was an industrial transformer company, just like thousands of others then and now with the capability to make transformers to a variety of specifications. Are "reissues" made on the same tools? Same wire? Same bobbins? Same steel? Probably not. My guess would be they are made to the same specifications, which are not hard to determine either on paper, or through some "reverse engineering" which I presume is meant to mean by measuring an original transformer and examining it's properties. Transformers - like patchcords - have developed a far greater metaphysical aura than is due them. Partly due to clever promotion by the holders of the root stock, and partly due to the smaller number of companies today who see HiFi OPTs as any kind of meaningful market or sales opportunity, and thus leave the field to a few boutique specialists. That's a good thing. I like to see specialists succeed. Industrial technology has improved a great deal since 1950. For one, computer software in both CAD and circuit emulation make possible now in minutes what was once a black art requiring weeks or months of trial and error build-test-revise schemes. And secondly, insdustrial control technology makes it possible for machinery to do a far more precise function than when "operator controlled." The finished wound transformer has properties which are all physical. They either ARE or ARE NOT correct to the specification and performance. The output tubes and loudspeakers which embrace the OPT know nothing of the loving mystical hands or cold computer-driven robots which gave birth to them. They know only the physics of the wire inside. I see no reason in fact or fancy why a modern transformer shop with CAD, modern tools and a desire to do so, couldn't produce such transformers that are either equal to, or better than any transformer made by any means in 1955. And, at a far lower cost. (A good OPT in 1950 was about a week's wages for an average man). But that wouldn't be a very romantic notion. It wouldn't feed our nostalgia, nor our quest for the possesion of artifacts and powers that no other person may have. That's a fun part of any hobby collecting secret knowledge - secret powers - rare artifacts, but in the practical sense, "...can I get a replacement transformer?" it is meaningless. The answer is yes you can. Any limitation in what is delivered is just your limitation in perceiving what to ask for. mdeneen ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ regards Bob
  6. ---------------- On 5/15/2004 7:39:22 PM DeanG wrote: I do have a rudimentary understanding of transformers and their general construction. I bet "Maqnequest quality" is actually achieved with "ordinary components". You know, stuff like metal and wire. http://forums.klipsch.com/idealbb/images/smilies/1.gif"> ---------------- There is much more to it. People who care will understand the difference. People who really appreciate quality will continue to buy the real thing. People like yourself who find it easy to demean other peoples hard work and accomplishments wont. regards Bob
  7. All were doing is correcting the wrong information that your giving Mike does wonderful work and no one is saying anything to that effect. What we are saying is he is not the only one that can do this work ! Craig ---------------- Some cannot understand, some do not want to understand, and others just have an agenda. Good luck Bob
  8. ---------------- On 5/15/2004 10:43:44 AM DRBILL wrote: Some days I feel like I could start a fight at a Quaker picnic. DR BILL ---------------- Hello, All I did was try to correct the wrong info you were given. If you need MQ transformers or info on them call Mike directly. 215-288-4816. before 11PM Eastern Time. regards Bob
  9. ---------------- On 5/15/2004 10:25:19 AM NOSValves wrote: Amen !! ---------------- Not to hurt your feelings, but there is a big! difference. First off the MQ Dynas are better than the original ones in several important way. Better materals, better insulation, non-magnetic hardware are a few. The transformers that others are selling are not the same. The Dynas are very complex and no winder is going to bother winding them properly, even if they could. They might tell you they are the same, but do you really know. Only MQ builds the real thing. regards Bob
  10. ---------------- On 5/14/2004 4:49:22 PM NOSValves wrote: I have them right here Bill ! I had them designed and mimiced directly after the opriginals ! In fact I have been running a set for 6 months now in my own amps ! I can supply all you need whenever you need them starting first week in June. Next up will be the ST70 transformers. Craig ---------------- Sorry are the first post with no quote.... They outputs cannot be the same as the Dyna. regards Bob
  11. They cannot be the same. regards Bob
  12. Hi, Which MQ transformers are you looking for? I believe the info you were given is not true? BTW: MQ is the only company who makes a real Dyna transformer. regards Bob
  13. The Blues and the Abstract Truth by Oliver Nelson is the disk. One of the greatest cuts ever is Stolen Moments. If you have never heard this please get it. Great players too; Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Bil Evans on piano, Paul Chambers on bass, Eric Dolphy on alto saxophone and flute, Roy Haynes on drums and additional saxophone work by George Barrow on barritone and Oliver Neslson on alto and tenor saxophone. There is so much great jazz out there is is hard to pick, but this is a super cut. regards Bob
  14. Hi, Sounds interesting. Please email me bobsherman@nyc.rr.com thanks Bob
  15. Hi All, I am looking for a pair of Cornwalls. I am located in NY. thanks Bob
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