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  1. Metallica and ozzy was metal.

    The swedish / norweigian heavier stuff, with double bass, and dual melody guitars, is heavy metal.

    Nu-metal is the american no talent rip-off, with weird guitar effects, not sick riffs, and a DJ.

    Metalcore is metal and hardcore, like shai hulud, the perfect band in existance. (That point is unarguable, try if you might, it cannot be done.)

    Like any genre, there's different "types" with blurred lines. Like ska, skacore, ska punk, etc etc. Bands have different songs on a CD, with different tastes, so you cna't label a band. Everything's blurred, but there's definately a difference between old in flames heavy metal and new in flames nu-metal, it's CRYSTAL CLEAR, and i don't like it.

  2. Although the music business is that, a business, it doesn't function exactly like other businesses. What i mean by that is, when a band has a contract with a label, it's for a set number of CDs before that band can transfer labels, but i don't think there's a time limit of new material to be written. When a band records an album through a label, the sound engineers take a lot of time and have a vast knowledge of what they are doing. The "do-it-yourself" bands rent out a studio, record it, quickly mix it and release it. Those bands that have a small backing by a label get slightly better recording, but no where near that of a high followed RCA label band and such.

    I never liked slipknot, my best friend does, he always tries to get me into Nu-metal, i can't stand it. It all sounds the same, and like crap. Every song he sends me, slipknot, Korn, whatever, just doesn't rub me right. And linkin park, although they have catchy tunes, that's all it is, catchy pop, radio friendly hourse singin mixed with the ever so soft catchy melody vocals and emo lyrics. What a nice formula.

    I'll stick to sick guitar riffs and double bass, that's the only formula i need. My bands don't need a "record player player" like linkin park as Rollins would say.

    To each his own, everyone is entitled to their opinions and what they like. Whatever makes you happy 1.gif even if it's someone screaming with barbaric noise in the background 3.gif

  3. I was just generalizing how more popular bands with record label backing and funding will get much better sound enginnering on their recordings than the "do-it-yourself" undergrounds. I don't think that point is very arguable either, but yes, on any great sound system, any recording will inherently sound better than on crappy speakers.

    But old Boy Sets Fire, new "American Metal" like Agony Scene and As I Lay Dying, and Shai Hulud, have muffled recordings. The big metal bands like Dimmu Borgir, Children of Bodom, and Insomnium will have better recordings since in their respective countries, and even here, they are very big.

  4. just my opinion, i think nu-metal sucks hardcore and has ruined a lot of really amazing old school metal bands who can't make it anymore because of radio friendly crap like Linkin Park. And i think emo is just a bunch of high school kids who never got girlfriends or understood why they got dumped. Get over it, everyone gets dumped. Onto the point....

    On that note, a lot of awesome metal isn't the greatest recordings, so they won't sound amazing on a sick system. The big studios and sound engineers who make the popular stuff, and orchestra stuff, that's where you'll see a difference on a big system.

    Underground bands like In Flames (old In Flames, not Nu-Flames we suck a lot and have weird effects and ruined all of our old solos and play no songs from our best 2 albums when we play live), At The Gates, Arch Enemy, etc etc. These recordings aren't done really really well, they're all European underground bands, so you can't expect to be blown away like you would with a 5 channel SACD or DVD-Audio of Beethoven.

  5. LCD Projection TVS

    Hitachi Model 60v500 $3200

    Sony Model KF-60WE610 $3200

    these are online prices, no tax will be charged, only shipping ($300 for inside delivery). (retial stores, have free shipping, but tax)

    Should I do it, or try to get a retail store to mark their $4,000 price point down to $3200? Plus get nailed with tax.

    ALso, these online stores have their own "service plans" just like retail stores, $320 for 4 years, or $217 for 2 years, all on-site service. I never know about these service plan

    The products are unopened, new merchendise. What do you guys think, there's also guys through Ebay, same deal, same prices. I need to decide between those 2 TVs also, since they are the same price.

  6. I used to work at Best Buy, and i totally agree with the comments about thier rip-ff mentality. I worked in what was ranked "the worst Best Buy in America", cambridge, MA. None of my old managers still work there, and for good reason. The store was a mess, they flat out lied to customers, and told us to, to sell service plans and accessories, the only thing they ever cared about. They only cared about beating the other departments on PSPs and Accessories, that was IT. I worked 8 hours a day, with 1 break, not 3, and then would empty a truck until 2 am, after the trains stopped running, and take a $20 cab ride home. I quit after 3 excrutiating months. I also never got the hours i wanted, the days off i wanted, or the sundays time and a half i wanted.

    Of course, this could probably be said about every other "retail" store. They all have the same policies, and now that Circuit City has moved to salary instead of commission, it's harder to bargain with them. In Best Buy, you can only bargain wiht the manager, who will say "if you want me to help you, you have to help me." (AKA, i will give you $100 off that 30% marked up HDTV which looks good for me, if you buy the $400 service plan, and $300 Montser power center).

    Screw Best Buy, and BTW, any CD with 10 songs that sells for $18 should be burned. That's extortion and ***-rape if i've seen it. Go to Ebay or online, no cds should be more than $12. Thank god i don't listen to rap or radio friendly crap and only listen to underground. And DVDs seem to be creeping higher and higher, need i only mention Band of Brothers which retials for $95, and can be had anywhere else for $60.

    Be smart, shop around, online is the way to go.

  7. I've seen many units like this ocme out recently, and even TiVo let's you do it now for free. But i'm looking for something that does All AUDIO, since i play games also, i don't want a unit just to play MP3s, is there any units, even this one, that would stream all computer audio so i can have 5.12 surround gaming and MP3s as well?

    Anyone know?

    Also, does wireless transmission lower sound quality at all? When i played MP3s through my TiVo, is sounded different from the hard wires going from my computer to my reciever, i don't think the TiVO unit utilized my sound properties from the mixer on Sound Blaster Audigy

  8. I don't have to buy new, I am fine with buying online, I've just had it ingrained in me that buying retail with service plans is the "appropriate" course of action. I just don't know what to do if speakers blow out and that sort of thing. If it's not that big an issue, i'm all about going eBay all the way, but i want some feedback on online purchasing with no warranty and extended warranty or service plans if i go that route.

  9. the 7 series just seems so expensive. I agree that a cheaper reciever might be the way to go, but is the price difference between a cheaper reciever and the one i've chosen going to cover the price difference between the 35s and 7s? I'm also selling my old reciever and sub to help the cost. I just think going from the 35 series speakers to something like the 7s, even if it's just the front, is a lot of extra dough to shell out. I'd have to listen to them first and see if it's worth the extra cash, though from what I've read on this board, the sound difference between the 7s and 35s is like a rolls royce to a hyundai.

  10. the room is ~ 15 x 19

    also, this is what i've calculated so far.

    All retail $8326 (no tax or service plans, or bargaining)

    All ebay $6615 (no shipping)

    All online (3800), no TV online, so assuming retail TV, $7400 all together.

    Clearly eBay is the way to go, even after shipping, but is it worth it to get all this equipment off of eBay, given the risks involved?

  11. Chuckers,

    I am not "limiting" my sources on purpose, it is just what is available to me in my location.

    I am an avid "ebayer", so ebay is definately not out of line for a source for my equipment. In fact, i look there often for things i am considering. I included that in my reasoning of "online" purchasing, since a lot of online sites give great prices on gear. The price i have listed for the klipsch package, the DVD player, and the reciever are all online prices, and save me a bundle already. I am concerned about online though, as far as warranty honoring and defects.

    As to my choices, they are not based on any magazine reviews or "how-to" guides.

    For TV:

    I was considering a 65" projection TV for ~2500, but realized that for an extra grand, i could get the LCD version for slightly smaller size. That appealed to me, because i play a lot of video games, and "burn in" would be virtually eliminated. So the TV just happens to cost 1/2 of the entire system. My father has 2 hitachi HDTVs, and i know Hitachi makes the parts for a majority of TVs. They have a steller quality and service reputation, and overall i'm just stunned at the image quality from the TVs i have seen from them, besides the fact that they are cheaper than sony,and when the lights are off, you see what's on the screen, not what the cabinet containing it looks like.

    For Speakers:

    I've owned klipsch before and heard the system i am considering, that's why I am interested in getting it. I listen to a lot of music, mostly off my my computer which is wired to my reciever (my entire CD collection is on there, and i don't download music, i just rip my CDs at 320kpbs). I won't listen to SACD or DVD-Audio because i listen to a lot of underground non-popular music that just would never be released on said format. I love Klipsch, and the Quintet system has served me beyond well in my current set-up, but i will be getting a much larger room, so I wanted to upgrade naturally. The Klipsch 35 series just seemed like the perfect bang-for-your-buck system.

    For Reciever:

    I have the Denon3802, and it is just amazing, has served all my needs and more, and the sound is incredible for the price. I want to upgrade to the 3805, so i have component up-conversion, since all my video game systems (7 in all) can be wired up through a video game switcher, and then my cable, DVD player, and computer can all run through the reciever and I can have 1 component cable going to the TV, eliminatintg switching on my reciever and my TV, to jsut 1 switch on the reciever. I just loved my denon so much, i figured why not stick to what works, right?

    For DVD-Player:

    My father also had one of denon's first progressive DVD players, i beleive an $800 one. The video quality was awesome, and i don't know of any others to look for.

    I started this thread so I can see other options available to me, so any input would be great as far as other options and places to get them. If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot em over here. I appeciate any help I can get.

  12. I am moving in August, and until then, I am able to save up my paychecks without throwing it away on rent (rather i will "throw" it away on useless techno junk 1.gif ), so I can finally build the home theater of my dreams. This is what I was thinking. Also, I will be selling my Denon 3802 reciever, my Klipsch KSW-12 sub, and maybe my Klipsch Quintet system (let me know if anyone is interested). That system is in my bedroom right now, and I will only keep the TV (27 inch analog sony), and cheap sony DVD player for my new bedroom, since I will have a new home theater.

    Hitachi 60v500 LCD Projection TV $4,000

    Denon 3805 Reciever $1,000

    Denon 2900 $1,000

    Klipsch RF-35

    Klipsch RC-35

    Klipsch RS-35

    Klipsch RSW-10

    Total Speaker Package: $2,000

    Total Package ~8,000

    I am hesitant on the Denon DVD player, i've heard amazing things about the picture, but i will never listen to SACD or DVD-Audio. Also, the hitachi LCD can be had for about 3,400, + 4 year service plan and tax bringing it to around 4,000. I will be getting digital cable, and mostly watch movies. Any suggestions on where to bargain down prices? I can only go to Circuit City (for the TV), 6th ave electronics (for speakers and other components) or tweeter (for components, no more Klipsch there, or a sony LCD rather than hitachi if they can budge price). Also, interent dealers with warranty honoring and extended warranties for sale are an option. Any input is appreciated or where to purchase, or other components to think about instead of the ones i've chosen.

  13. Your surrounds are di-pole, not direct firing. For direct firing speakers, your placement is ideal, but with dipoles, the sound doesn't come out straight, but rather comes out the sides to create more of an "atmosphere" rather that pin-pointed sound (which is why music listeneres hate di-poles, but movie watches love them). I think with Dipoles, even in a 5.1 set-up, they are better placed where the back speakers of a 7.1 set-up would be, so the sound fills the back area coming towards the listener, or placed in the back corners of the room, so the dipoles reflect off the walls. See if that helps, but mostly rear surrounds don't contain much information except for wind, rain, and other effects, don't expect to distinguish them as you do your fronts and center channel diologue.

    If i am completely off, someone please let me know. But see if it helps, you never know.

  14. How is the online retialing of high-end elctronics? I buy a lot from the internet, but never anything like the purchases i'm looking for. I'm getting the RF35, RC35, and RS35 and a sub, and looking at the Sony and HItachi LCD projections (60 inch) and the samsung 61" DLP. Also the Denon 2900 DVDplayer, and 3805 reciever. I found many sites with extremely attractive prices, and notes about having their own warranty policy since many manufactureres drop the warranty from unauthorized sources. How dependent are they for valid merchendise, shipping without damaged goods, warranty honoring, and those types of things. I realize it matters on the website, currenty I have loked at acousticsounddesign.com for a lot of the merch. Any recomendations/ comments?

  15. Wow, thanks a lot guys. On Acoustic Sound Design.com, theyr'e offering the RF-35 package (fronts, center, and surrounds of 35 series) plus the RW 10 sub for around $1750, upgrading to the 12 is around 1800, and upgrading tot he RSW series SUB 10" would be 2000 i think, with the denon 3805 and the DVD2900, it's around 4 grand all together, if i get teh RSW 10" sub, not a bad package i think. Plus they observe all warranties. Any comments?

  16. actually, he missed that last star because you get more 1-ups, and it would add more time to the total play. SO actually, it's strategically correct, if it was done for real, which it wasn't.

    For something really impressive, go to www.orsm.net (it's a real sleezy site) but there's a guy who does the theme song to super mario on an electric guitar (he does pipes, coins, dungeon, flag pole) you namme it, it's AMAZING

  17. Just to clarify, I have a Denon 3802, and most likely will upgrade to the 3805, that way my Cable HDTV, DVD player, and all my video game systems going through an HDTV system selector can all just go thorugh 1 TV input, plus all up-signaling of S-video and composite cables. Is that reciever a good match for the RF-35 series? I am also looking into a higher end Denon DVD player, as right now i have a $150 sony (progressive, probably crappy) DVD player which i'll keep up in my bedroom for lazy quick flicks.

    I mostly watch movies, and all my music audio comes through my PC via external 5.1 input (MP3s at 128) and i listen mostly to metal, so the speakers are mostly for movies.

  18. I am moving out of a college apartment. Currently i have the Klipsch QUintet with the KS 12 subwoofer (the down-firing one). I am keeping it for my bedroom in the new place, but now that i'll have a common room with a new HDTV, i am going to upgrade to the RF-35 series all the way around. Could i keep this downfiring subwoofer, or should i buy the reference subwoofer that is suggested with this system? I believe it costs around $750. What is the difference between these 12" subs, and will it be really noticable if i keep this cheaper downfiring 12" sub?

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