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  1. Anyone else notice on the pciture of the front of Klipsch.com with the big sony XBR looking TV in the modern looking room, that the center channel speaker is below the tv, and looks like it's pointing right at the center of the coffee table?

    I noticed this because right now I have my center channel on top of my TV stand, sitting right at the base of my TV, but when I upgrade, I might be putting the speaker lower, sort of where it is in this picture.

    Is this placement frownd upon? Or does it not really matter, since Klipsch is showing it pointing right at the bottom of a coffee table?

    Will this make any difference?

  2. To maybe solve most problems here with an easy solution .. do what I did. :-)

    I had my denon 3805 driving everything,2 rf7s, rc7, 2 rs35s, 2 rf35s, and rc-35 in surround back as an 8.1 system.

    added a 2 channel amp for the rf-7s. 200 watts per channel. now my rf-7s are pristine, and the load from the denon can better handle everything else.

    suggestion, get yourself an emotiva RPA-1. It's $630 brand new for a 200 watt 2 channel amp. OR 2 monoblocks from outlaw audio for $650 combined.

    i've heard nothing but praise for this unit, if i didn't find my mom's old luxman, i would get this myself.

    i'm selling my 3805 to upgrade as well if you have any interest of starting there

  3. Delaware, huh? My family is in Jersey and I come down fairly often. I could ship it from there or maybe arrange a pickup. I'd ship it if you want, i'd make sure to bubble wrap it and cushion it as much as I can and do insurance.

    I'm looking to get ~ $750 if i can. It's in perfect working condition and never been used very loud since I live in an apartment.

  4. When the new Denon's come out I will be getting either the new 3808 or 4308 I think. So I will be selling my Denon 3805. It is in perfect working condition. Brand new I think was $1299. Comes with original manual, awesome remote, and calibration microphone.

    Now sure what the selling price is but I'm looking for $750 I think, or I'd take any serious reasonable offer around there.

    If you're in the area you are of course welcome to come over and hear it.

    I am using the receiver's A/B/A+B function and I think the new line of receivers would better accommodate that setup for me.

    Any other question feels free to reply here.

  5. I cannot more strongly disagree with using omnimounts!

    I tried them with my RS-35s for the EXACT SAME PURPOSE!

    First I got one that I think was the 20 pound or higher, but the screw was too big!

    So I went down to the one that's rated weight was just above the weight of the RS-35, which I think is the 10s you were looking at. The screw fit.

    Not only was it impossible to tighten and have stay, but once you tighten it, it will loosen and droop down. On the second speaker I had to over tighten it above where i wanted it so it could then droop to where I wanted it. I definately did not feel it was a good support bracket and work how I wanted it.

    I ended up just putting a nice hexagonal shelf flush to the wall and putting the RS-35 on it. Gave up on angling. It's a rear surround ayway, I set it a few decibals higher and leave it alone.

    I couldn't understand why these mounts had such outstanding reviews everywhere.

  6. I completely agree about the surrounds, that's why I don't spend too much money on cabling and better surrounds for it.

    I have my old RF-35s in the back for multichannel SACDs and Music or Concert DVDs, and usually on those recordings it's fine, but for movies, I always set my RS-35 surrounds 1-1.5 decibals higher than the other channels on my denon A / B reciever, just so I can actually definately hear something from the backs when i'm supposed to, even if it's louder than it should be and not "techincally correct" for sound levels. Hell, we paid for those speakers back there, and the extra amp to drive them, may as well get your money's worth I say!

    leave em a few decibals higher and don't worry about it, anyone coming over to watch something will notice it too and just be wowed by it not knowing you don't have your system calibrated. always remember, it's how it sounds to you. also, i got tired of constantly adjusting my levels for every single movie I watch. Isn't the whoole point of a good system so you can jsut relax and watch it? It's like pimping a car, you do enough modifications, eventually every time you get it you adjsut something ot fix something, just DRIVE IT!

    It's that reason alone I never understood spending so much money for surrounds and then extra rear surrounds and even a 5 channel or 7 channel extra amp to drive em. If you can "barely" hear them half the time on half the movie soundtracks, why bother with all the extra stuff. Set em high and enjoy it!

  7. I'm not too fond of the idea of demo units either, who knows what anyone has done in the store to them. My suggestion was just waiting until the new models come out, that way retailers will still have the old (brand new in box) stock in the back and will sell them discounted to make room for inventory of the new stuff.

    As far as personal opinion to recievers / speakers / anything, find comparable models in the same price range, and test them all at the store, let your ear decide.

    I prefer denon for it's ease of use, reliability, and bang for your buck, atleast on the models i've used. My father's HK seemed very confusing to me, layouts of onkyo's seemed disheveled at best, though I hear their quality is great. Hear for yourself! That's the most important thing.

  8. 1 more thing, if you're looking to buy at best buy, they can not really negotiate price. A seperate dealer can negotiate below the MSRP for all speakers and recievers / amps / DVD players

    Also best buy will pressure you to buy expensive nonsense cables and a warranty plan (Klipsch's warranty is more than adequate, and a good relationship with a dealer can trump a lot of warranties)

    also, depending on the size of your room, you may be able to live without the subwoofer for a little bit, and spend that extra money on a better reciever and DVD player, then get the subwoofer later.

    You don't even need the Klipsch sub, as most people here attest you can get better bang for your buck with a company like SVS, and get it later on down the line. Subwoofers dont need to match the main speakers as far as product line, they can be mixed and matched with a lot of breathing room.

    I don't even have a sub yet, my RF-7s do more than enough in my apartent and shake it as it is.

  9. I too have heard of recent quality issues dropping with Harmon Kardon, not how they were in the old days.

    As far as specs to look, it depends on budget and what you need it for. Everyone's situation is different.

    If you're driving a 5.1 system, and you said you have the 82s, i think 50 watts per channels when all driven from that HK is on the low side.

    I don't know if you have an HD cable box, upconverting dvd player, and xbox 360 and ps3 and want to run them all together. If so, a reciever with HDMI switching and a lot of inputs to control everything is desired, but it's all price depending.

    I can tell you this. The Denon 2307 / 2807 / 3806 goes in price from about ~$700 - $1300 depending on where you look, authorized vs unauthorized dealer, or authorized dealer discount.

    My 3805 was ~ 1100 when I got it, brand new from authorized dealer. If you can swing ~1,000 for a reciever, then these Denon's are unbeatable. Any price higher than that, and i believe seperates are the way to go, depending on the power of the amp and the level of processor. What people have siad about the emotiva's are bang for your buck seperates, and then Rotel if you really want to start spending.

    The RF 82s aren't the behemoth's of Klipsch's line, like the 83s, but still require good handling from source and amplification. I truly don't believe 50 watts is going to cut it. My 3805 i believe is 130 watts per channel. It's not just necessarily volume you'll get, but clairty throughout the levels you listen them too, and ability to handle the ohm movements.

    If you're not that serious about your music / movies, then you dont have to spend much, but you did get Klipsch, and a nice higher end one, so you must be atleast semi-serious. You don't want to buy a ferrari and put low grade oil and fuel in it. You want your baby to perform, and even exceed your expectations. Don't neglect and deny your Klipsch babies that opportunity to shine!

  10. A lot of people on this forum use Harmon Kardon and Denon. I believe most useers have said Yamaha recievers matched with Klipch tend to be too bright for their taste. Denon is sort of a flat reserved direct sound, and a lot of people prefer the higher model Harmon Kardons, but to a certian price range, then everyone here will tell you to go separates (Outlaw, Emotiva, Rotel).

    I use a Denon 3805 and just recently found an old amp in my mom's house i'm using for my fronts, but the Denon is powering everything else (8.1 system). I play movies and music through the Denon 3910 DVD player and when i was using solely the Denon I thought it was fantastic. For the price, the Denon's have power and an enormous feature set. Their new lineups are coming out soon this year, and if you don't need HDMI 1.3 converting or the new Dolby Plus and DTS whatever formats, stores will be unloading their old stocks and it would be a good time to jump on them. I might be upgrading to a new denon soon and be selling my 3805 if you're interested.

    For convenience and price / performance, i don't think Denon's can be beat.

  11. The THX specs place the rear back surrounds on a 7.1 close together, but the Dolby specs actually have them further apart. Since it's a mono signal being split, it really wouldn't make a difference, except if you had 5.1 being split to your extra 7.1 backs, in which case you'd get more separation placing them further apart like the Dolby setup.

  12. I currently use my old RC-35 as my single surround back for my 6.1 setup. All one needs ot do is put in Gladiator's 6.1 DTS ES Descrete sountrack and you will thank yourself afterwards.

    In your situation though, it seems like if you put the back speaker on the back wall, the DB compensation for it's distance might be too great. I agree with the last post, having it angled down from the cieling behind you would be your best bet.

  13. Initial Report:

    2 channel with Luxman M-117 200x2 and RF-7 / Mutlichannel music with denon 3805 for surrounds:

    Thelonious Monk "straight no chaser" - 2 channel, amazing, bass is a little low on this album, but seperation and soundstage was unbelievable. I felt like i was in the studio, and could even hear people talking and skatting in the track

    Diana Krall "girl in the other room" SACD- what more can be said about this? 2 channel was great, 5 channel with my RC-7 and RF-35s in the rear corners was ASTOUNDING

    Ray Charles "genius loves company" - track 2 has some of the best multichannel mix I've ever heard ...PERIOD!


    Watched Finding Nemo, bass on my RF-7s was great, perfect level, shook a little bit, and not enough to get me kicked out of my apartment. Had all 7 speakers going on this one, claibrated the levels with the THX optimizer.

    Things I've noticed:

    Calibrating with the Denon's 3805 test tone, the channel's were much different than when I used the THX reference on star wars and finding nemo to calibrate it.

    With the luxman M-117 for my RF-7s, my other channels need to be MUCH higher, rear surrounds are almost at +7 / +8 with the fronts at 0.

    I set my rears slightly higher than my fronts to help bring out the back with the RF-7s being so powerful in the front.

    Pirates of the Carribean (the first movie, not the exceptionally long and terribly paced sequal) DTS track, i didn't listen to this in the dolby digital one yet, but I noticed the center was fairly low on the DTS track, anyone else notice this?

    I'm going to try Gladiator soon in DTS, as I remember the seperation and DTS track was unbelievable on this.

  14. What I got out of those posts were that older LPs may be poorer quality not from being old and recorded poorly, but from wear and tear and naturally aging of the vinyl itself. I found these in a basement and they are 30 years old, so I assumed that they would have degraded over the years from any number of reasons.

    The records I have are Benny Goodman "Swing into Spring" and "Benny Goodman plays world favorites in high-fidelity - Recorded at the Brussels World Fair 1958." Not sure what year these were really released.

  15. I went through the manual, it has all instructions for balancing and weighting. I also have the original 45 adaptor and the manual mentions the alignment of the cartridge using this adapter, shouldn't be too hard.

    What is the "proper" way of cleaning a vinyl before playing it?

  16. I saw a similar post recently with lots of responses, and thought I'd piggy-back / compliment it a little to the topic of someone getting into Vinyl.

    I found an old Marantz Model 6300 on my mother's basement.

    Marantz Model 6300

    This isn't the actual unit, just a picture I found, but it's pretty close. I plugged it in and turned it on, seems to work, even came with the manual, but it's missing the White Headshell, and the cartridge / stylus that would have been with it. Other than that, everything's there, including the Marantz rubber thing that goes on the turntable, and the 45 adaptor. It's in pretty good shape, has all the feet, and the dust cover just has a few blemishes.

    How does one go about replacing stuff like this, as far as compatibility and whatnot?

    I found a website www.lpgear.com that has suggustions and parts, but i'm not really sure where to go from here.

    I have the RF-7s as my mains, and I just hooked them into my mom's old Luxman M-117 200x2 amp.

    I've played a few stereo Jazz CDs on my Denon 3910 thorugh my Denon 3805 reciever pre-outted to the Luxman. I have been amazed at the clarity and sounstage, as if I was sitting in the studio with thelonious monk! I could even hear them in the studio skatting and talking, to the point where the detail was almost distracting from the music! (straight no chaser CD)

    I want to maybe start getting into vinyl, as I already have found lying around a few old Benny Goodman records, and the original Empire Strikes Back Vinyl i'd love to take for a whirl.

    I also live next door to a Vinyl Shop.

    on LPgear.com, this is what i've found so far, but any other sites / sources are also appreciated.

    Headhsells http://www.lpgear.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=LG&Category_Code=HEADSHELLS

    I guess I could do the $50 one up top if that's the best they have.

    For Cartridges, they have like 20 different companies, any recomendation would be appreciated.

    The site says my model 6300 originally came with an Audio-Technica AT12XE phono cartridge and a Audio-Technica ATN12XE needle stylus..

    So I was thinking either of these two

    audio-technica AT120E/T phono cartridge (retail $109.00) they have it $70

    audio-technica AT110E phono cartridge LC-OFC Improved (retail $99.00) they sell it for $60

    but again, I relaly have no idea what to go for, or what price range i'll really notice any differences.

    So with the headhsell and cartridge, that's only about $130 all together, since they say the cartridge comes with a stylus, unless you guys recomend a stylus as well, which they have 4,000 from 40 different companies again!

    Any recomendations on what I need, what other things I may need, or anything at all would be greatly appreciated, as I am sort of in the dark here.

    How does one go about putting all this together? Or does one just buy a new record player?

  17. After upgrading to the RF7s up front and the RC 7 for the center, I moved my old RF-35s to my rear corners and my RC-35 to my rear center.

    Like TKDAMERICA, I have my Denon 3805 diving both the RS-35s on my sides, and my RF-35s in my rear corners as my surrounds, and the Denon driving the RC-35 as my rear surround back center.

    I used a seperate 200x2 watt amp for my RF-7s to relieve some of the work of the Denon 3805, and to bring out everything I could from the RF-7s for 2 channel music.

    The Denon set-up allows the user to have the Denon automatically use the A surrounds, B surrounds, or A+B surrounds for different inputs into the reciever.

    I have it set so Dolby Digital and DTS movie soundtracks use A+B automatically (RS-35 and RF-35)

    Dolby Digital and DTS music soundtracks use only B automatically (RF-35s)

    and EXT-IN which is my Denon Link for SACD / DVD-Audio use only B for 5.1 channel music automatically (RF-35s)

    As for crossovers and speaker configuration, I have RF7s set to Large, and RF-35s set to large.

    I had my RC-7 set to small, but then voices sounded like they all had extra lower end echo on them, I think because the RF-7s were picking up the low end, and since no one relaly speaks that low, I set the RC-7 to large and it sounded much better.

    I have no subwoofer, so Essentially my RF-7s pick up the lower end of my system, and I have my crossover set to 80.

    I also just noticed last night after re-calibrating, that the Denon test signal had the surrounds at a slightly different volume than the THX optimizer on some of my DVDs. After setting everything to 85db on the Denon test, i threw in finding nemo to calibrate it from a "real world source", and the surrounds were much lower, so I adjusted them higher accordingly, i also find setting surrounds higher is better anyway, since the infomration sent to the rears is usually pretty low and most times unnoticable for me.

    So far, everything has been working out great, and I am testing a few more discs this week so see if more tweaking is needed.

    I would definately siggest this type of configuration to get more out of the surrounds, and it's better for 5 channel stereo music, or multi-channel music. If you have a reciever that can handle it and has good user-friendly options, definately go for it, and i'd say use double surrounds, and use your KSB speakers as surround backs.

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