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  1. ---------------- On 6/23/2004 1:05:02 PM PhilMays wrote: What is your budget or what are you willing to spend? I have, and I think most here, have made the mistake of buying something and then upgrading shortly thereafter. You really spend alot of money that way. If it were me in your shoes with the limited knowledge of only your comments in your post, I would save for the Reference line and not waste my money on the Synergy line. If you do this then your current center will not work so well however it will work better as a rear center. ---------------- Excellent idea Phil! I was trying to figure out what I would do with the extra center channel speaker if I did go with the reference speakers in the near future. I spent $170 for it so I wasn't wanting to just chalk it up as a learning experience! My budget fluctuates but I was looking to spend about $1000 for the subwoofer and floor speakers. However, I could easily wait a few months, maybe even close to christmas and have closer to $2000 to spend (some of that coming in the form of a gift, of course.) I will need to try and budget in a good DVD recorder as well though... So, where is the best place to find a good price on these reference speakers? Surely Ultimate Electronics isn't the only place...
  2. ---------------- On 6/23/2004 12:48:40 AM Gamble270 wrote: dont get the JBL sub they made crappy 2004 editions if you can find the 2001 with the down firing 12 with the 600 watt amp. or just stick with a Full set of klipsch. but then again thats all opinion.(but ive seen the JBL 12 with 250w in action to others and its not really all that great, personally id get a Klipsch, Polk or Infinity subs.) ---------------- Hey Gamble, can you be a bit more specific about what makes them crappy? Building a sub is an interesting idea but probably not one very do-able for me right now. But, it is an option I certainly haven't considered.
  3. ---------------- On 6/23/2004 7:02:08 AM edwinr wrote: Go the Synergy system. You know it's a tonally matched system with good dynamics. Later you could upgrade your mains for a set of reference series, keep the other Synergy speakers, and improve your 2 channel listening while enjoying the full benefits of 5.1 when you choose. There's nothing wrong with the lower cost Yamaha's when used with higher sensitivity speakers like Klipsch. I would be reluctant to mix and match like you're thinking - you might do your money. ---------------- So, I could get the Synergy floor speakers and then, when I have the funds, I can get another pair of reference speakers and move the synergys to be the 'B' speakers? Sounds like a good plan to me, is that what you are saying? Thanks, D-Rex
  4. ---------------- On 6/23/2004 7:41:50 AM schwock5 wrote: I'm selling a Klipsch KSW-12 440w down-firing sub for ~ 300 if you are interested. Are you in the Boston Area? ---------------- Unfortunately no, I am in Tulsa but it certainly sounds like something I would have been interested in.. Someone else asked for my music/movie preferences: Music: Classic Rock and Country are probably my favorites. I listen to alot of Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Garth, George Jones & Strait, Bad Company, Nirvana, and U2 but I also have some Salt and Pepper and Kid Rock that I like to play. I guess I am probably all over the board here... Movies: THe Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Star Wars, A Knight's Tale, The Matrix, Austin Powers, and, since I have two little girls, most anything Disney animated, such as Finding Nemo, Brother Bear, Piglets Big Movie, ets. (more information than needed?!?) Thanks again all! I will certainly take everything under advisement. D-Rex
  5. Hello all! I am just now trying to put together a system but I do want to get my money's worth. I have been reading for a couple of days and it seems I have already made a "mistake." I had some Best Buy credit so I bought an SC-1 center channel and a Yamaha 5740 receiver. I have been fairly impressed with the receiver and the center channel seems to be okay as well. Where I made the mistake was thinking that all Klipsch speakers were the same. it seems to me that I should be focusing on obtaining the reference series and not the synergy series. So, here is where I need the help. Where is the best place to look for a good deal for the reference series? Should I keep my SC-1, will it mix well with some reference series floor speakers? I was about to buy a JBL 250W subwoofer (12 INCH POWERED SUBWOOFER WITH 250 WATT DIGITAL AMPLIFIER BLACK (Jbl NORTHRIDGEE250P)) for my system, good move or bad? The price, $234, seemed very affordable. Can I build a respectable system around the Yamaha 5740 or should I have sprung for a better receiver? Got any other advice? Take care, D-Rex
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