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  1. Yeah boy, Matt man can Sing. You should hear him live! The recording he posted is not 'mastered' cleanly, and doesn't sound nearly as good as he does in person. If any of you ever happen to be down this way when he's performing, you owe it to yourselves to stop in and give him a listen. Maybe someday he'll be able to get something recorded cleanly, and mixed well. We sure hope he does. Deon Bearden
  2. "So the RF-5's are BETTER than the RF-7's? Charlie" Charlie. The RF-7 Kick Major Tail. It's the premier Reference offering with the sophistication of the earlier reference products brought to a fine razor sharp edge, and the incredible dynamics of our Legend offerings. It is truly an exceptional product. FYI, one that will find it's way into my personal home theater, along with the entire -7 line. The RF-5 is the next step above an RF-3, not the RF-7.
  3. George C-all: Thank you for your kind words. Couple minor corrections to some of the above statements follow.. Amplifiers: The RSW 15 uses a 1,000 w continuous RMS amplifier. It's peak capability is Considerably more than that. (Lets just say it's definitely no less than the old LF-12 which didn't make it to market) Same for the RSW-12. Keep in mind these are larger enclosures than the old LF-line, and as most of you know there is no replacement for displacement. Basically what I mean is the same input power will yield more output. If you want to make the comparison to the old smaller footprint LF's, these subwoofers are more in keeping with the Klipsch Heritage. Larger enclosures for increased system effeciency, and more output. AKA that Klipsch Slam.. RSW-15 output: The Prototypes are capable of up to 115dB 1 meter corner loaded @20hz, and over 125dB over 25hz 1, meter corner loaded, without regard to THD. Someone must have confused the two numbers. For those who care, this is on the order of 29dB higher at 20hz, when measured at the same 2 meters, than what TN measured with the LF-10 for S&V. Scaled to typical magazine 2 meter measurements, knock 6dB off those. You could then compare their output relatively realistically to TN's measurements at < 10%thd. Yes, you are right, the 15 is a Beast. Wimpy competitors (even certain competators 18's) need be very very afraid. The RF-7's do indeed play quite cleanly and without strain at VERY high levels. They use extreme output 10" drivers which we modeled extensively with FEA, and our unique tapered array crossover design which improves the total in room power radiation, meaning better imaging and vocal intelligibility. ( You should HEAR the Q Sound effects on some CDs through these :-) RS-7's use dual ports, dual 8" Tractrix horns, and a single high output 8" unit. Yes, it goes louder and deeper than other Klipsch surrounds. Considerably. They ROCK! ( Lets just say back to back an RB-5 wouldn't embarrass them in extension or output.. ) RF-5's are not just wood RF-7's. They are honestly an improvement in performance. They use much larger cabinets, low mass surrounds, feature more port area for lower port distortion, stronger motors with longer excursion, again for lower distortion, and Tapered Array networks which improves the speakers total power response in room and improves their imaging. They also have that gorgeous wood veneer. RB-3's are not Vinyl RB-5's, they are a smaller, yet still very capable version, with next size down woofers. Very cute. They mate VERY well to the RSW-10. The Klipsch Booth featured RF-7/RC-7/RS-7's and an RSW-15. Mad Sub Scientist http://www.klipsch.com/ubb/uploads/RSW Line Water Color Small.JPG
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