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  1. m00n, I feel your pain! I've made goofs like this before. I know it's painful to hear now, but the RS-7 is a heck of a lot better, as you'd expect. The RS-3s are very good, but the 7 is in another league, in my opinion.
  2. My beautiful RF-7s got a dent the first week. Almost killed me. Put the grills back on, and neither they or my living room look as good any more. My RB-3s, which were on a nightstand got a dent too. I'm not sure how either happened (maybe the dog wagged his tail on the RF-7s?). It's a shame, because Klipsch is right when they say that some customers will prefer to have their new Reference series without the grill. The cones really do look great, but given that they dent so very easily, Klipsch may want to stop suggesting that people do that. It doesn't seem to affect the sound, only the aesthetics, which, of course, is the reason someone would choose to show the copper cones. Otherwise, I love the new RFs, just wish they more dent resistant cones that I could show off!
  3. Can I get one of the Special Collector's Edition stickers too?
  4. Thanks, Theears That's exactly what I was thinking. If Bob Carver could do so much in such a tiny box with tiny drivers, I would love to see what he could do with dual 18's. That would be unbelievable. I'd be scared of such a beast - but I'd want one!
  5. I recently received the Sunfire Super Jr. I won it in an AudioRevolution contest I had entered for a Sunfire pre-amp. I got second prize, and I was thrilled (not that I needed more subs, but who could not WANT another sub?). Unfortunately, I didn't get to run it through too many tests. I was selling my Denon 5700 when I got it, and now I'm waiting for an Outlaw 950, so it may not get much more testing for a while! What I can say is that, when I opened the box it came in, I had to call everyone over. It it shockingly small, almost looks like a toy. I expected it to be small, but this was amazing. But looks deceive (and perhaps size doesn't matter after all - or at least not as much as you think!) It seems really well built, and is really heavy for its size. As for performance, it was impressive, all least for the short time I had something to hook it up too. It had more impact than my Klipsch LF-10 (which has broken in nicely, and I enjoy), but not nearly as much impact as my Sunfire Signature, as I expected (both these little subs look huge by comparison to the Super Jr.!) It blended in well with my system, and was nice and tight. It's really a great little (really little) sub. Bob Carver really pulled it off. Theears, there has to be a closet or bathroom in your house that still doesn't have a sub, I think you'd really like one of these! I still want to get an SVS one day, but I can't criticize this little guy, even without breaking in, it was really pumping it up.
  6. Thanks, HornEd. The C7s do seem like they would make some excellent front effect speakers.
  7. Montigue, Sorry they're mahogany! Reserve's $759, so I hope they sell soon, would prefer to sell to someone on this board who would appreciate them more.
  8. HornEd, Great to see you back! Just in case you decide that only two more KLF-30s will do as front effects speakers, I have my set on sale at Ebay right now. Of course, if you do that, you could probably sell tickets to your living room (I'd pay to hear that!), though I imagine it would be major overkill. thanks George
  9. Thanks, theears There's nothing wrong with good music in the bathroom, I say go for it! I'm thinking of putting a sub in the kitchen, a little Sunfire Super Junior, it's my only room except the bathroom without a sub. Though your arsenal of subs, theears, is clearly the stuff of legends.
  10. Hi, All, I'm selling my Legend 30s, mahogany in mint shape, and wanted to give you guys here, who would appreciate them the most, a shot. I'd rather sell locally, as they're huge and weigh a ton. Please let me know if you're interested. Hey, has anyone heard from HornEd? Maybe he could use an extra pair for the bathroom! Thanks George I hope it's okay to post here until we get (I hope!) a Klipsch classifieds section
  11. theears, I know how you feel. One of the woofers on my RF-7s has a small dent now too. Almost killed me when I first noticed it a couple of weeks ago. I love having the grills off, but had to start putting them on. It's really painful. They must be very sensitive. Doesn't seem to affect the sound, but it kills me to look at it. George
  12. Sorry the picture attachment was so big - I have to shrink it next time!
  13. Here's my dog and the copper cones.
  14. KlipschKid, That looks a little like my dog. He was playing with two of his dog pals, and I think they bumped one of the cones, it has a little bump there now, so I may start using the grills. It almost killed me, the first inperfection in something shiny and new. It's funny, though, I've had a lot of people over, and in almost every case, even the people who don't like to see "all that electronics stuff" and those huge "men's toys" preferred them with the grills OFF. Though they look good with the grills on, too, the copper cones really go well with the cherry, it's a great match. Like your dog, KlipschKid, do you think I could teach mine to go "fetch" me an RSW-15 too? George
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