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  1. LOL... How do you loose a 4.1 pro media set? The wires are 5 miles long, are unruly and make a mess. Should be easy to find. 😁
  2. I can but I DO know that this is the original THX Promedia 4.1 version from way back.
  3. Hey 001... I meant just the driver. Hate to toss out a perfectly working unit (other than woofer drivers). I don't know if this is true or not, but, I've heard that the new Promedia's don't sound as good as the original ones. Have you heard this before? I dunno... Maybe I should just buy a new set... The set I have is actually the 4.1 set. I don't need the extra two speakers anyway. Never really did.
  4. I guess the one thing I worry about with used is... Just how used/how old are they? They might look new, but could be 12 years old and the foam on those may have started to deteriorate as well. Can these bought brand new?
  5. What about upgrade option though? Are there recommended upgrade drivers? I was looking at options over at Parts express. This is the only driver that came up when filtering for 6" Subwoofer driver. https://www.parts-express.com/speaker-components/hi-fi-woofers-subwoofers-midranges-tweeters/subwoofer-drivers/nominaldiameter/6 I have to think there are other options besides this one single driver.
  6. Still kicking... Me or my Promedia speakers? 😁 It's been a long Long LONG time since I've been here. Gawd.. Probably over 10 years easy.
  7. LOL... I'm still alive and kicking. Little older, a few more wrinkles. I still have all my Reference 7s. I just have not been here in a VERY long time. You know, life changes, move from one place to another, divorce a long time ago, new things and hobbies. Yadee Yadaa. 😁 I still have my Harman Kardon AVR7200... Which I would like to replace actually. Get something more modern that has updated technologies in it like bluetooth, wireless etc. Want to be able to go into the receivers settings without having to use some kind of RGB output. Would be nice to be able to use an android app to modify settings... But hey... That's an entirely different post!
  8. Hi all... My Promedia setup is OLD! Back when they first came out. The foam around subwoofer drivers has started to crumble away. So, I'd like to replace the drivers. Are there recommendations on which drivers to replace them with? Stock? Or is there something better than stock? Also, what size exactly are those drivers? They look like they are 6"?
  9. Ah.. Sorry, I should have read that closer.
  10. tnr, wanted to confirm that you are referring to these right??? http://www.klipsch.com/rb-81-ii-bookshelf-speaker
  11. tnr... Let me think about it. I'm not ready to pull the plug just yet, but your offer is intriguing. I'd probably jump on it if I didn't just buy me a new bass guitar amp. If you NEED to sell them do it... But I'd like to see how much my bonus is going to be. I should be finding out in within a week.
  12. So, as SOME of you may recall from YEARS back, I had 3 RF7s up front and I was running 4 RC7s for my surrounds and a single RC7 for my rear. Enter divorce. I am now restricted to a rather large bedroom for my home theater. I can still fit all 3 RF7s up front, but am really limited for space on my surrounds. The problem I am running up against with my surrounds is that the RC7s are rear ported, plus they are heavy. Not sure I want to try and monkey rig them up on the walls. Plus, this is not my house anyway. SO.... I was thinking about getting a set of RB-81s and using those for temporary surrounds until I get back into my own house where I am once again king of the castle. Anyone have any thoughts on the timbre matching? I'm know I'm not going to get audio perfection here and that's fine... I'm in a bedroom after all.
  13. So I took it into a local repair shop. Guess it's pretty simple actually... It's just a bad RCA jack. And I guess the way that it works is if one jack goes bad, they both go bad. Not sure how the wiring on them looks but... I will trust that they know what they are talking about. I had a feeling the amp itself was ok. After all when I would adjust the volume, the buzz volume levels would increase and decrease. WHOO HOOO! I was afraid the amp inside was toast.
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