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  1. Ah.. Sorry, I should have read that closer.
  2. tnr, wanted to confirm that you are referring to these right??? http://www.klipsch.com/rb-81-ii-bookshelf-speaker
  3. tnr... Let me think about it. I'm not ready to pull the plug just yet, but your offer is intriguing. I'd probably jump on it if I didn't just buy me a new bass guitar amp. If you NEED to sell them do it... But I'd like to see how much my bonus is going to be. I should be finding out in within a week.
  4. So, as SOME of you may recall from YEARS back, I had 3 RF7s up front and I was running 4 RC7s for my surrounds and a single RC7 for my rear. Enter divorce. I am now restricted to a rather large bedroom for my home theater. I can still fit all 3 RF7s up front, but am really limited for space on my surrounds. The problem I am running up against with my surrounds is that the RC7s are rear ported, plus they are heavy. Not sure I want to try and monkey rig them up on the walls. Plus, this is not my house anyway. SO.... I was thinking about getting a set of RB-81s and using those for temporary surrounds until I get back into my own house where I am once again king of the castle. Anyone have any thoughts on the timbre matching? I'm know I'm not going to get audio perfection here and that's fine... I'm in a bedroom after all.
  5. So I took it into a local repair shop. Guess it's pretty simple actually... It's just a bad RCA jack. And I guess the way that it works is if one jack goes bad, they both go bad. Not sure how the wiring on them looks but... I will trust that they know what they are talking about. I had a feeling the amp itself was ok. After all when I would adjust the volume, the buzz volume levels would increase and decrease. WHOO HOOO! I was afraid the amp inside was toast.
  6. Hey Brett--Thanks for posting that information...Do you know what they do for that price? Do they also help talk you into taking it out and installing back in? From my experience that is going to be key. It's actually not very difficult at all. As mentioned, I had to replace this amp once before and it was easy. And again I pulled the amp out last night. The amp itself is NOT attached to the control plate. It is attached to a cross member support brace. 1) Unscrew the front speaker. This is actually just the dummy speaker. 2) Unscrew the amp from the brace BEFORE YOU UNHOOK ANY WIRES 3) For each pair of wires, put some kind of marking tape on one. This serves as a reference when you do step 4. 4) Take lots of pictures of each connection for reference. There is only about 4 or 5 in total. 5) Un-connect connect the wires. You CAN take the back speaker off if you want. It's the actual powered one and it's heavy, but I don't think you would NEED to.
  7. Hi Brett.. Hmmm... It would probably cost me $250 just to ship my sub to them... Unless I can ship them JUST the amp itself. Do you know if they can accept just the amp? I have also thought about another route. I love this sub and would hate to see it go. I've tried to look up BASH and the only information I can find on them is from www.parts-express.com . Does BASH not have any kid of a website? Anyway.... I was thinking what if I can't get the amp itself fixed. How about getting an external amp to power this sub. And if so, what subwoofer amp would make this sub rock?
  8. I will never forget, you put a link where you were supposed to look for the ghost then it would scare you, which I played for my wife. I came very close to wetting my pants laughing and my wife cursed you and me for 10 minutes. I laugh every time I think of that, she is scary anyway and she jumped off the chair. . I know! I caught plenty of shit for that.
  9. Hey, you're right he's not typing is he? Odd. It's the same avatar.
  10. Good to see all you guys again! I've been gone so long with other hobbies that I'm surprised you all remember me.
  11. Nope, don't have the Jeep anymore. had it over 7 years. It was time for a change. I got a Toyota FJ Cruiser now. It's nice and I like it but I LOVED my jeep. Sure the buzz could have been from the phone, but there still was nothing audible coming out from the sub.
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