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  1. I don't know what was done with the networks. I inquired about them because I was wondering if they need to be replaced & he said he had already had them done..whatever that means. I took a bunch of pics last night but my wife went out of town today with the camera for a week. The only pic I have is the one below but it's not very good. I'll post more pics when she gets back. Take it for want it's worth but I was told one of his friends was amazed at how good these sounded compared to his khorns. I'm no audiophile and I don't have Cornwalls to compare these to but they sound way better than my RF3's. Duh!!! lol I know that's not exactly an amazing feat but it is the only comparison I can make.
  2. From what I've been told the crossovers have been done so they don't need to be replaced. If you look at the other components I don't think they are stock for a pr of 84 Cornwalls. The K-57-K mids were stock on Cornwall II's. Were the square magnets on the tweeters and woofers stock on 84's? The previous owner said he spent a lot of time trying different components to get the sound he wanted so I'm more curious about what he has done rather than upgrading them. He got rid of these to make room for his khorns which I know he also tinkered with and used the same K-33-P square magnet woofers. I picked these up for $597 and I love the sound but I am not opposed to trying things to make them better. I'd like to know if any of these compomnents are consider inferior so down the road I can replace them.
  3. Just got a pair of Cornwalls and would like to know what could/should be upgraded.Thanks. Crossovers - B3 Tweeters - K77M square magnet Mids - K57K Woofer - K33P square magnet
  4. I'm keeping the Outlaw RR2150. My CD player hasn't arrived yet so I was using my ipod and liked the sound very much until I hooked up a cheap DVD player to play CD's...HOLY SH!T!!! Can someone tell me more about the components in these speakers and if anything needs to be upgraded. I don't plan to upgrade anytime soon because I'm very happy with the sound right now but I'm still curious. Thanks. Crossovers - B3 Tweeters - K77M square magnet Mids - K57K Woofer - K33P square magnet
  5. Speakers arrived...minor cab damage but nothing major. I'm going to hit the weights and see how they sound!!!
  6. I don't have my Cornwalls yet...should be here this week. I do have the Outlaw RR2150 and so far I'm impressed. I have it hooked up to some old crappy Panasonic speakers that were lying around and they actually sound pretty good with this amp. I don't have my CD player yet either so I'm using my ipod's headphone out, forgot my line out dock, to the aux input jack and I am suprised that it sounds as good as it does. The Cornwalls will be the real test for the ipod and I doubt I will be as impressed. My other Klipsch speakers are real picky about the quality of my mp3's so I assume the same will be true of the Cornwalls.
  7. Yes!!! I have a AuzenTech X-Meridian sound card that has 2 optical connections that I output to my amp to do exactly what you described. For analoge you can also upgrade the card with better op amps until you find the ones that sound best to you. This is what I did for the analog out to my Rockhopper Audio M³ headphone amp and now the combo has a more detailed warm sound. As computer tech goes I'm out dated now but I have no desire to change because I am extremely happy with the sound that I have. I know AuzenTech has newer offerings and I'm sure there are others as well. You migh try asking some questions in the computer speaker section of this forum...there should be some updated geeks there to point you in the right dirrection unless you just want digital out to an amp with is easy peasy.
  8. I don't know what you are talking about. That is a pic of me and my little friend Cuddles. [*-)]
  9. BTW anyone who is interested there is a Nakamichi PA-7 and a Nakamichi PA-5A II on ebay rigtht now.
  10. Order placed for the RR2150. Getting on a plane Thursday but I won't get there until Monday. Hopefully the amp and speakers will get there shortly after. Now it's just a waiting game.
  11. Thanks guys I appreciate all of your advide and I think I will be going with the Outlaw RR2150.
  12. Yeah I think I will be seting some new personal records with these! lol
  13. What do you guys think of the Rotel RB-1080 amp & RC-1070 pre-amp?
  14. I called Emotiva and their pre- anp won't be out until 1st quarter so that's too late for me. The Cornwalls are shipping to my other residence and there's no equipmet there so I need gear now...can't have new speakers and no amp!
  15. Sounds like I need at least 150wps then. lol Yeah I love MCAA it makes a huge difference. Which brings me back to my first post...why shouldn't I get a HT receiver with MCAA or YPAO? I can get 7x130wpc and a million connections that I don't need so there has to be something in the 150-200wpc range for 2 channel in my budget. I don't want to make the mistake of not having enough power so if intergrated can't cut it what seperates should I look at?
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