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  1. here's my situation:

    I'm in bad need of set-top mounted Front Center, which would sit atop the sony w/

    the omni-mount. I was going to get another C-7 for the required

    rear surround, but this way I could get the best match for a Cornwall

    (well, besides a Cornwall - NOT DOING), & move the ole C-7, currently at FC, back to join

    its KLF brothers.

    please let my FC C-7 reunite w/ its siblings! :-)

    I'm not too excited about mounting any Heresy horizontal &

    off-center on the tv-top. but now some are

    saying that the Heresy, especially the new Heresy III (?), is the

    REAL deal for a match w/ my 1984 Cornwall I.5 fronts.

    please help, 'cause I don't think I'd ever be able to listen to an

    Academy in person, & as far as I can remember, I've never even

    heard a mini-Cornwall - Heresy.

    btw, I'm an avid listener/watcher of rock 'n roll music

    (& other) & HT movies, concerts by way of cable & dvd.

    thanks much.


  2. "so the "best" match is another CII for you but Academy is still a

    great center (a little smaller too if that matters)" Bill

    Bill, yeah it does matter here, because I really don't want to

    mount a 100lb Cornwall I.5 on the wood frame wall above my new $4000

    tv. [:D]

    so I need to know whether (which) heresy, or if the academy, will be best for a TV-top mount.

    I'm going to start a new "standoff" thread on it here in HT.



  3. olrin & silver-s, any heresy better than academy, or the

    new heresy III? wonder if the heresy III, w/ its new horn tweeter

    (I think) is a timbre match or mismatch for my '84 Cornwall 1.5s.


    I may have to call the dealer on the heresy III, in Cherry. still

    don't like the idea of laying a heresy on its side for a center.

    maybe klipsch would custom make a heresy as a center w/ the horns

    turned. (?)

    I did wonder about the Academy at "only" 96db as a match to Corns, but

    then again my older Corns are "only" 98db, not as high as the new

    ones (the III).

    when I left here back in 2000, the academy was the holy grail for a

    smaller center that matched well the Heritage (especially Cornwalls

    & some have said the academy was made just for the Cornwall II),

    & you could put it on top 'o TV.

    has that changed, or is it subjective? even though

    it's all

    subjective - it's just a matter of degree. [:|]

    thanks for the input!

  4. "

    A H3, CW3 and LAS2 is a much better center than an Academy. In

    fact the latest THX specs call for three of the same speakers in the

    front. Why would you ever want to throw in a whimpy academy when

    there is much better choises."

    J, great to see you again. (see above) I'd have to mount(?)

    a 100lb speaker on a wood frame wall to do a center Corn, either

    vertically or horizontally. guess I'd have to use the studs, LOL.

    iow, those huge speaks - I can't put on the floor, & no I'm not getting a new stand & it's an LCD-Like TV. :-)

    I have '84 Cornwall I.5 (fronts). everything I've read says the

    Academy is THE match for a cornwall as far as a center you can actually

    mount on top of an LCD-Like TV. only problem is - I've

    never heard an Academy. just read. looks like at 96db

    it's not too far off from MY corns 98db. [:|]

  5. "I had a guy a Sears quate me 400.00 for the stand the other day."

    I'd take that now, as they're hard to find. course, in a mo. or 6 they could be had for $300. ;-)

    the main watchin'/listenin' couch here is 14-15', & it's

    great. some seats are only about 6 & they're great too.

    hell, 6" is great.

    you'd be fine w/ the 50. just move the couch forward if you'd like. ;-)

    side note: these new SXRD come w/ the settings pretty well

    good already, but you really should hire a pro setup/calibrator

    person. then again, I did, & he's still trying to get

    the codes/set-up manual. [:|]

  6. steve,

    sorry, I picked up your last PM on my email & replied to you

    there. is it on your email? it was a longer

    dissertation, but in a nutshell - I got it (SUGW12) at Circuit

    City after getting them to knock it from $500 to $400 over the phone w/

    a Super there before my arrival.

    yes, CC & BB WILL negociate down. you just have to call or

    talk directly to a Super, & it doesn't hurt to be well armed w/ an

    outstanding net price, &/or play them against each other. .[;)]

  7. I haven't been here for about 5 years, but when I left, If someone even

    mentioned in passing that they were thinkin' of "releasing" an academy,

    they'd be swarmed like.... well you know(?). is the market now in

    my favor? LOL

    ken, I am in the market for an academy & would buy it from you

    outright, given condition & finish (well, no biggie on that,

    probably). which finish is it? (not that you would really want to

    sell it)

    I'm in bad need of a good academy, as w/ the new house & TV, &

    Cornwalls, I need its perfect center which would sit atop the sony w/

    the omni-mount. I was going to get another C-7 for the required

    rear surround, but this way I could get the best match for a Cornwall

    (well, besides a Cornwall) & move the ole C-7, currently at FC, back to join

    its brothers.

    Ken, I implore you, please let my FC C-7 reunite w/ its siblings! :-)

  8. "

    Oh and Boa, now that you made all that dough what kind of toys have you acquired that you can tell us about?" thebes

    well T, it's not that I'm another Bill Gates [8-|] it was more

    like I was goin' BROKE spending all my time here instead of workin'

    (I'm self-employed); & all the while buying B&K Ref 30, Ref

    7270 amp, KLF-30, (2) C-7s, Marantz 8000, Monster Power Box, Nice

    Stands, & all those cables & biwires, to add to my original '84

    Cornwalls & Kenwood KR-9600 receiver (the beast - circa 1975).

    I'm sure I left something out. Now (see below pic w/ all the

    speaks still boxed)) I got the best "toy" I could - a HOUSE to match

    all this stuff. The new centerpiece to build around is a

    Sony SXRD LCOS 60" (see attached review from Tomlinson at Perfect

    Vision). if you guys don't want to do FP, this RPTV is THE

    one (at least for now until they come out w/ a 1080p that actually

    takes a 1080p input - though none currently exist sans computer).

    now I NEED AN ACADEMY (to replace C-7, & move it back for rear

    surround). prefer the black, but any will do. after

    that I'll probably be hangin' a damned Cornwall III on the wall behind

    the TV. [:|]

    did I put enough in this to get hazed now? LOL


  9. how do you have it mounted - vertically or horizontal? anybody

    know the degrees dispersion of the horn(s) vertically (horizontal when

    turned on side)?

    which fronts you have it in between?

    I'm thinkin' a SINGLE Heresy III would be fine in between the '84

    Cornwalls I.5 w/ just a 14ft wide front wall. I have an

    omni-mount for the LCOS (LCD-like) TV that holds up to 80lbs.

    my only concern is the dispersion alignment when the heresy is turned

    on side - horizontal, & what the normal verticle dispersion of the horns

    are, when then used as horizontal, in my set-up.


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