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  1. 20 hours ago, jimjimbo said:

    Funny that none of those goods have been offered here on the forum.

    These are official museum items and as such they are only offered on ebay.  The  museum is a separate entity from Klipsch Group, Inc. and is a 501c3 non profit a determined by the IRS


    When we start up sales of official Klipsch Group, Inc. gear in a couple of weeks it will be offered here on the forum, as well as on other social media, but not likely on eBay

  2. 4 hours ago, Allhartfidelity said:

    Am i one of the exceptions?  If it has, may i ask to what address?

    Your tshirt shipped with the others.  You are not an exception.  It was shipping to the Barnard Way address.  Is that the correct address?  You may PM me if you prefer?

  3. 19 hours ago, jimjimbo said:

    Yes kiddies, your resident Jubilee hater, (I don't care what they sound like, they're damn ugly......) is I think, finally making the mental turnaround to: (I don't care how ugly they are, they sound damn good, if not actually miraculous....)  Not withstanding the somewhat "interesting" selection of music to demo them.....this would be my third year hearing them in the Hope demo room, and I guess I must be thick for it to take this long.....  A new friend of mine that I met in Hope and had some great conversation with out by the pool at the Super 8, suggested that next year perhaps we should have an auction for listening time (perhaps with Roy) in the Jube demo room.  Our music choice of course.....I think that's a splendid idea.


    @richieb, there you go....You're welcome.  Hope you've had a nice trip.


    @Chief bonehead  You know I love you

    With the "auction" to benefit the museum!!!!  

  4. For those of you that attended Pilgrimage and met Paul Biglane....you will know it's a true story.  Here's what happened to him on the way home from Pilgrimage. You just can't make this stuff up!!  Just for the record...Plain Dealing, LA is only 8 miles from the Arkansas border!!!!


    "top of the day my audiophile friends and klipsch fans. 
    i left out of the pilgrimage Sunday morning at 3am. running the back highway .i got pulled over in plain dealing by a local cop. he said he pulled me over for speeding took my license asked where was i coming from i told him the klipsch pilgrimage. he walked to his car about 2 minutes later he came back handed me my license and said today is your lucky day he said he use to do sound reinforcement and i have a pair of cornwalls at home..now what is the odds of beating a speeding ticket from a cop who happens to be a klipsch fanatic..
    handed me back my license and said there is a state trooper 3 miles up the highway..
    yes i said a prayer when I drove off.."

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  5. 1 minute ago, CECAA850 said:

    No need to apologize.  You're doing an awesome job.

    Thank you for the reassurance.  I'm trying.  I never anticipated the "extras" I would be facing this year.  I'm hopeful with all of the help we have been offered it will be another successful Pilgrimage.  You guys/gals are the best.  I could not do this without all of you standing beside me.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Pete H said:

    Christy, these still scheduled to ship on Monday?

    The short answer to your question is no.  The longer answer is "they will ship after April 15".  To expand on that answer even further, we received an extraordinary amount of orders...almost double the orders of previous years.  To that end, some of the blank shirts were delayed in shipping. I'm still waiting on the last three shirts to arrive and they should be here on Monday.  I am scheduled to be in Hope/Bodcaw from Sunday, April 13 through Wednesday April 17 to make final preparations for Pilgrimage.  This is about a 7 hour drive one way for us....


    My daughter will pick those last three shirts up on her way home from work and deliver them to the screen printer Monday afternoon.   All other shirts are at the screen printer now.  He is awaiting receipt of the other three and he will then apply the screen printing. 

    With all that being said....I'm scheduled to pick the tshirts up on our way back to Bodcaw/Hope on Monday, April 22 for Pilgrimage week.  Those that are attending Pilgrimage can pick their shirts up when they check in....those that require shipping will either be shipped from Hope Pilgrimage week or immediately upon my return home on Monday, April 29.


    So, there's that.  My apologies for any delays or inconvenience this delay in shipping may cause anyone.  

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  7. 21 minutes ago, Ymacme said:



    I am new to this site but have owned LaScallas for over 32 years.  I'm interested in a tour of the factory but don't have the time to attend all of the events that are planned.  If I ONLY want to attend a factory tour, (no meals, etc.) do I still have to pay the $100. fee or is there a reduced fee for someone in my position.





    You can pay $75.  PM me if you have any other questions.

  8. 56 minutes ago, babadono said:

    I was wondering or reading between the lines.... is parking sparse enough that we need to carpool from Hotel row?

    There is PLENTY of parking, that's why we are using the airport tower/hangar parking lot.  It's right across the street from The PWK Education Center and the road has no traffic.  The PWK Education Center only has about four to six parking spaces directly in front of the building.



  9. HEADS UP: Thursday's events are being held at the Paul W. Klipsch Education Center. There is no official address for this building. You will need to put "Hope Municipal Airport" into your map app, As you enter the airport property you will see the control tower/hangar off to your right. Please use the parking spaces in the tower/hangar parking lot, as parking is very limited in front of the Paul W. Klipsch Education Center. We will allow vendor/handicap parking ONLY in front of the Education Center. The Education Center is the two story brick building directly across from the hangar/tower parking lot.

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