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  1. @Zen Traveler you have a PM. Christy
  2. Once again, herein lies the problem. There really shouldn’t be “sides”. As a supposedly civilized society we should be able to reach for common goals. This is impossible for some to understand and work towards. It’s “my side” or “the other side”. I can’t decide if it’s sad or downright disgusting.
  3. Racism is NEVER acceptable in any form. Corporate entities can tolerate a lot of BS. Racism is not something that should ever be tolerated. The liability outweighs the common good.
  4. Regular members complaining was never an issue that led to the demise of BS. Others finding out that BS existed did not lead to its demise. Corporate knowing about the BS section did not lead to its demise. In fact, what ULTIMATELY led to the demise was an issue that occurred prior to everyone finding out about BS. Threatened legal action had NOTHING to do with BS being gone. Christy
  5. The BS forum being found out about is not what led to the demise of BS. Could not be further from the truth.
  6. And....therein lies the problem. Christy
  7. I will see if I can contact them and get permission to share their email addresses. Christy
  8. Jim is extremely busy preparing for the museum’s annual Board of Trustees meeting and Roy is busy with family. You might want to try again in a few weeks.
  9. Thanks to all of your for the Mother’s Day wishes! You guys are the best ever!!!
  10. Yes, it’s true. Klipsch is honestly working on the gear store. It’s slow going, but we are moving forward on putting gear online that fans actually want to purchase. It is my understanding that it will be ran by Klipsch and not a third party vendor. This alone is a huge step forward in my opinion. It may be a few months...but definitely stay tuned!
  11. There’s never enough time during Pilgrimage planning!!!
  12. Actually we purchased an A/V receiver from him which we are EXTREMELY pleased with. I do not need Heresies, as I have a pair of originals and HIIs, in addition to all the other Klipsch in this house, including Quintets, RB75s, two pairs of Forte IIs, a pair of Forte IIIs, MWMs/402s, Cornwall IIIs and everything in between! It’s all good. Roy calls me a cry baby...must control my tears!!! Lol
  13. Hmmmm....no. I was very sick last year, as anyone in attendance was aware of. Apparently he didn’t realize how sick I was. I should not have even attended Pilgrimage. It took me almost two months to get over it. Pneumonia and severe allergies. I’m overly prepared this year!
  14. Nope...I got this! I knew the drill when I joined the forum all those years ago! I was “on my own”! Lol
  15. We will have volunteers in town that week. I’m certain they would offer assistance.
  16. Like I said....OBVIOUSLY MY MISTAKE. You can put it squarely on my shoulders. I’m ok with that. It wouldn’t be the first time.
  17. I guess I didn’t realize you were bringing a warehouse full of stuff. My mistake obviously.
  18. Williamss is probably one of our most loyal fans! She's employed in the office at the Hope, AR facility!
  19. Yes! Somewhere on a beach in Mexico!
  20. What Carl said! dtel's wife Klipsch Moderating Team
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