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  1. never thought of selling the receiver... the rest of the gear would be pretty much worthless, but the receiver maybe... that's a freaking good idea!

    I'll see how it all works out.

    thanks, keep 'em coming!



    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

  2. ------------------------------------------------------------



    Alright, here's the story: I want to buy new speakers. My budget is kind of limited, but I get equipment at cost since I work in an electronics store which happens to sell Klipsch and Denon, among others. If and when I buy speakers, I want it to be a definitive purchase that won't leave me with a need/want to upgrade for a looooong time.

    That is why I was looking to buy the RF-7s. What I like: they're big, they're loud, and they have A LOT of impact. oh, and they're quite good-looking too. plus they won't leave me hungry for more speaker for a long time.

    what I'm not so sure about: they could be too bright, especially with the receiver I have right now.

    And that is the main issue. My trusty Sony STR-DB830 has plenty of power to drive the efficient Klipsch, that much I know. What I don't know, however (it might seem weird but I don't have a lot of opportunities to audition/compare equipment since my particular store doesn't carry the more expensive stuff) is whether my eardrums will be destroyed by that setup. Getting a new receiver NOW is out of the question completely, as my budget is too tight for that. I want to buy two front speakers and the center, as I feel those three are the most important to be matched. I don't feel the need to upgrade the rears beacuse of the limited (in amount and in nature) of the sound that comes out of them. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the sounds coming out of the rears are so brief or undefined, and our ears so unprecise when listening to things in the back, and we're so distracted by the much bigger stuff that happens in the front that we can't tell the difference between good and really good rear speakers. so for now, my fronts are going to the rear and that's it.




    Now all that leaves me with a couple of options:

    -buy the RF-7/RC-7 now, forget about the receiver, and upgrade later on, thereby liquidating me of any financial means for the next few months

    -wait it out until i can buy a Denon (which model? 3802? 2802? 4802?) and the Klipsch together

    -pretend i wouldn't hear a difference in the sound, forget about the whole thing entirely and buy a car

    -or consider another setup (Energy or other maybe?) that would work better with the receiver I have now and allow me to invest in more worthwhile things before having to change the receiver

    Remember, I want impact for home theater, music comes second and i want impact for music too anyways. I can get Klipsch, Energy, System Audio, Axiom, Kef, or Jamo speaker at cost, as well as Denon, Onkyo or Sony receivers. I wouldn't want to go with Paradigm for ex., as I wouldn't be getting even close to as good a deal.




    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

  3. i have to add a question here.

    i know the rf-7s are shielded. however, i don't know to what point. before purchasing them, I'd like to know how close i can safely put them on each side of my TV... the room i'm in right now is really small.

  4. dts is technically and sonically better.

    not by much in the majority of cases, but it is better.

    unless of course you take into account that it leaves less space for additional features. take Saving Private Ryan for example: the dd version has more special features than the dts version, which of course sounds better.

    it depends on your priorities i guess!

  5. true.

    that is also why the MSRP of speakers or other things hifi generally has nothing to do with their cost of production/research/marketing...

    they just gather 'round in a comittee and decide what is an appropriate price given the market and where they want to position the speaker.

    i'm sure the sentence "no, that's not expensive enough" has been blurted out many times in such marketing meetings!


    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

  6. how theheck could you manage to getv two RSW-15 for the same price as the SVS package??

    $3,600 compared to $2,300...

    even with a killer deal on the RSWs, i don't think you could get very close to the SVS deal...

    anyways, since not a lot of people have heard the RSW subs yet, you might not get a lot of answers. you'd need one of the few people who listened to the RSW to listen to the SVS ultras too... don't know of anyone on this board!

  7. andabout thereceiver thing, it does not really matter which oneyou use it with. by that i mean that the wattage of your receiver/amplifier won't matter with a powered subwoofer such as the ones in the KSW line.

    the sub has an internal amp that powers only the sub.

  8. most people don't know that, but when you go to a store and make it clear that you're eithr buying at a low low price or buying online or somewhere else, the salesperson or the manager will settle for a low-profit sale instead of no sale at all!

    and even if they don't actually match the price, I'd spend a couple tens more to get the better, person-to-person service of an authorized dealer.

    i didn't know that either until I started working in such a store!

  9. theears:

    i don't really sell hifi yet, but i've had people who come to me and ask me: j'veux kek chose de BON!

    okay, you want something good... funny, I thought you walked in here with the intention of buying something that sucks! ahhh, uneducated customers...

  10. hey, klipschkid, by the way, the somewhat mitigated (let's put it that way) comments you might have read about Klipsch subs on this board only concern the KSW line, which doesn't offer as much boom for the buck as some of their competitors (sorry Klipsch!) or the ill-fated "superior" line that had so many leaking problems (if I remember correctly).

  11. btw, theears, wasn't trying to attack you in any way.

    I haven't had the opportunity (yet) to compare amps, so I don't know which is true. scientific evidence seems to be slanted towards the "all well-designed and powerful enough amps sound the same" side, but in those cases I like to let my ears decide...

    too bad your listening room is off-limits, i would have gladly let you persuade me using an A/B comparison using your gear... room full of subs... mmmmmmm...

    i just wanted to express my opinions, that's all. I think most people wouldn't WANT exact reproduction of the input signal, and even if that were the case, I doubt that in most cases there is no coloration from the artist's performance on the record itself. music and ht is supposed to be fun and exciting, and a speaker that blandly reproduces what's on the record will always lose in my book compared to an "emotional" speaker that colors the sound but picks you up, throws you around, and slaps you down with a grin on your face. guess i'm not an audiophile, oh no! the audiophile association's thought police is going to get me! no matter, i'm standing greater chances being caught by the language police writing text in English in Quebec... but I don't want to start anything on this.


  12. THEEARS, sarcasm is cool, but you might want to try to stop taking somebody's argument or intervention to the extreme...

    I don't think T-Man ever thought or implied that you could get a $99 amp to sound the same as the top-dollar ones simply by using EQ. he only raised a simple question, could an EQ compensate for the Freq. Resp. of an amp to make it sound better, whether that means more accurate or having a slight boost in different areas of the spectre.

    Also, THEEARS, I think you are making a moot point: there is a reason why certain people (like most, if not all, people on this board) prefer Klipsch and others not. Klipsch speakers do color the sound, as do most other speakers. Maybe they are BADA BING, I'd probably use the term KA BLAMO instead, but the fact is, whatever they are, they sound good. They have impact and are very efficient, and as you said yourself, render the use of expensive, exotic amps quite useless. Which is GOOD. No, actually, it's GREAT. It means that people like me can have the kind of sound they really want at a price they can afford (I'm sounding like an infomercial right now...). Accurate shmaccurate. I don't give a flying rat's *** what's accurate, I want sound that will PLEASE me and my ears. Sounds of punches never shook any room, well they shake mine and while it's totally inaccurate, it serves what, in the end, is the ultimate purpose of any sound system, it makes me happy and pleases my ears.

    I will now step down from the soap box.


    oh, and yes, THEEARS, I would really like to know why anyone, especially the Klipsch users on this board, would need full power 2 ohm amplification?

    i know ohmage (or resistance or whatever it's called) varies with frequency with most speakers, but by that much? no way. and with Klipsch speakers, the beauty of it all is that you don't need all that much power to get plenty of SPL.

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