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  1. i second the above opinion heavily.

    you bought your sub for $900 if i'm not mistaken?

    then you can definitely afford the FINE Paradigm PW2200 (probably even without haggling), and maybe even a good model in SVS' line.

    try to get a hold of Tom Vodhanel on this BB and ask him what you could get from his line of subs for that money.

    probably not the Ultra package, but maybe something pretty sweet!

    BTW, i paid $670 plus tax for my PW-2200, so try haggling and you might even be able to save up towards a real component system... I spent $2000 total on my 6.1 system and it performs very well. look at used stuff, try buying online only if the price difference is really big (as in most cases you'll have to pay tax PLUS customs, which amounts to like 30% of the buying price, even on used stuff, if it comes from the US).

    hope that helps!


    oh, by the way, imo, even the Paradigm PW-2200 will BURY your system, so it will be overkill. therefore you may be inclined to wait a bit until you round up a couple Ks and then buy it all at once.


    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

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  2. in your opinion, is the str-db830 well-designed?

    it's between the regular crappy sony line and the ES line, but borrows much more from the ES design and construction.

    i'd like other opinions too. i'm not going to buy the RF-7s or KLF-20s if I have to upgrade my amplification as well. I can bear to spend 1,500$ but not more.

  3. didn't insu;t me belial, just wanted to make sure you were aware of the elasticity of the prices.

    i'd at least go to the dealer you like and tell them before buying online, they may be able to give you a sweet deal.

    again, no guarantee, but i'd try it, nothing to lose, everything to gain.

  4. interesting TV...

    so you're saying, as long as an amp has enough power reserves, it should sound the same whether it's a cheap receiver or a high-end exotic amp?

    have you actually tried both?

    i assume you have, just want to check...

    because if that's the case, then I'm buying rf-7s right now without feeling the guilt of using them with a "lowly" (for some people here, i.e. THEEARS) Sony str-db830 receiver...

    please answer and make my day!


    1) thanks for letting him see the light THEEAR... but you could be a little more diplomatic next time... "your Nuance sub... well... let's put it this way: it SUCKS!" Smile.gif

    2) he never described a burning SMELL, but a burning noise. might still be a fuse, i'm no expert.

    3) I like my promedias, they are great COMPUTER speakers for the price.


    1) definitely go to audioreview.com

    2) you're getting paid 5.90 an hour? that's way below min wage dude, lobby for more or change jobs. then you'll be able to afford REAL gear.

    3) sorry if we broke your honeymoon with the gear, but I think you should try getting a refund from the store where you bought it, it may not be too late if there is a satisfaction guarantee. then save, save, save like i did and buy some cool gear. not too hard to gather up one or two thousands for some good used or new gear, when you think about it. just stop going out, don't drink, don't do drugs, and get a better-paying job. anybody can do it. i'm living proof of that. soon to get RF-7s... hehe.

  6. why can't you buy from a local dealer?

    tell the salesperson you were going to buy online, he will try to do his best to match the price if he is not stupid.

    plus you get the better service of a store close to you!

    and I'm not just saying that because I work in an A/V store! Smile.gif

    seriously, give it a try, you might be surprised how prices are elastic in hifi, a salesperson, if you make it clear that it's a low-profit sale or no sale at all, will most often go for it.

  7. quote:

    Originally posted by Chipp4:

    And how come you don't get rid of your HGS18 and get SVS Ultras?

    Because he doesn't seem to be strapped for cash, and diversity is always good.

    i'm sure as well the hgs18 has some advantages over the awesome ultras...


    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

  8. i would also like to know a little bit more about the KLF vs. RF differences...

    the KLFs are said to have more "slam", and God knows I like and want slam, as I will be using the speakers mostly for home theater and, err, very dynamic music.

    however, i am worried they might be too harsh and bright, especially coupled with my Sony receiver, because I know Sonys don't have the smooth sound of Denons.

    so what should I do? or should I just forget about it, and invest my money so that I can start out in life with some money, not just a kickass sound system...

    what to do, what to do? just thinking that I have the money right now to pay cash for a pair of RF-7s just kills me... and I don't know if I'll be able to get that same ridiculous price for long... plus I know there aren't many KLF-20s left in our inventory...

    if only i could listen to them at home with my own equipment... just not practical, or possible for that matter.

    the big contradiction is I love slam and in your face sound but I hate when the sound is too bright, it hurts my sensitive ears...

  9. yeah, i think some of our dealers have received the rf-7s...

    just waiting for the RSW subs to come in...

    i thought we would have to wait longer here in quebec...

    looking at the cost price for the rf-7s, it makes me hesitate... klf-20s of rf-7s??

    the rf-7s would actually come out cheaper for me... weird. i think somebody messed up entering the values in our system.

  10. odd...

    several questions about the serial number and still no answer... i'd like to settle this too, i think it'd be fun.

    or will he come up with "I don't care what the serial number says, i know i'm right and you're wrong" type answer?

    you know what? I am glad Wired1 is there. he reminds us how lucky we are that our community counts people like him as a rare exception instead of as a rule like on other boards. see, I always see the positive side!


    Another BASS FANATIC!!!

    Geez I'd like to crank up the bass in your room theears!

    but don't worry... the day will come when I will beat you... only I don't have enough financial resources right now to do so.

    hmmmm... maybe a couple SVS Ultras on top of my PW 2200 would give you a run for your money, no?


    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

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