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  1. Hey theears, never noticed you lived in the same spot as I do! I work in a Dumoulin, so I'll be able to tell you if you want when exactly either Dumoulin or Audiotronic receives the RF-7.

    I think I'd be better off with the 20s. Don't wanna sink too much dinero in my system, I'll be starting out in life very soon and I'll need all the monetary resources I can have. Plus I want to buy a motorcycle.

    Buying an external amp is definitely not in my budget for the time being, so I think much of the difference between the 20s and 30s would be lost on me, right?

  2. dude, I'll try to make it simple: BUY THE 5200!!

    if you don't plan to get into DVD audio and money is the slightest issue, from what avman tells us it seems like the prog scan feature doesnot warrant the higher price, as your TV will provide you with a similar feature.

    then just default to the less expensive model.

  3. Oh geez!!

    Now you're making me think about buying a separate amp... nooo!!

    It has to stop somewhere, and the max that I will allow myself for the next few years are either 20s or 30s plus maybe a matching center if I hear the need for it.

    I would definitely love that extra 30s slam, but isn't the point almost moot with the use of a good sub? I won't need to use a better amp to drive more bass out of the 30s if I can achieve that same bass level with a good sub and let the 20s pick it up from there, right?

    Remember, the speakers will VERY RARELY be used alone, i.e. in stereo without sub active... I just can't stand the big gaping hole down low, I need my couch to vibrate.

    It seems like I am a Legends type of guy though. I will definitely go audition the 20s (don't think it'll be possible for the 30s). Now the real big decision is between the 2 and the 3 before the zeros... Do you guys think it'd be worth it in my situation?

    PS, this will not be for critical purist listening, I want the sound to be big and impressive and in your face, so subtle differences are not that important in the long run. Sure I will hear them, but will it bring enough happiness and joy to me to warrant the added expense? Cuz that's my bottom line, I have to have my money's worth of excitement here, or else I'll buy a PS2 (I probably will anyways...) with the extra money!

    Oh, and I don't want to be too far past the point of diminishing returns on investment. This upgrade will probably be one of my last. Too many other passions to pursue. (Yeah, I know, I'm kidding myself, but I'm hoping I'll actually start believing all that one day)


    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

  4. unfortunately, my store doesn't carry the PW-2200.

    however, I got mine for 670 before taxes.

    it seems to be a killer price so don't expect to find one like this easily.

    Paradigm is a Canadian company, so we canucks get the stuff cheaper!

  5. I will probably only buy two mains for the time being, keep one of my Sony or JBL speakers for the center, and if I find that it does not match properly and that I can actually notice it in movies, I'll consider buying a matching center...

    I doubt it though.

    Anyways, I'm still waiting for a good answer from someone who has tried both ref and legends... Form what I read thus far the Legends attract me (more "in your face" sound), but I don't want to make a decision solely on a couple short listens in a store...


    And since I basically just started working at the place, I can't see myself special ordering a couple pairs of speakers to try them out then pick only one... Just not possible.

    Also, what about differences in sound between the KLF-20 and KLF-30?? I'm hesitating... Thinking about the KLF-20 more because of cost and practicality (wouldn't even be a special order), but then will I be able to live without the ultimate speaker in the line?

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  6. it ain't the same.

    i auditioned it, it's not a bad sub by any means, but it's not comparable tio the PW-2200. it's loud, but it's quite boomy too. works well on rap and dance music, but I'll take my PW-2200's deep rumble over that any time thank you.

    definitely look into SVsubwoofers' offerings.

  7. So what's up?

    What do you guys think, how do the two series of speakers compare? I will be buying some speakers soon and I needed to decide between going for the legends (hey, HornEd has them, they must sound really good) and going for the Ref models...

    I want impact for home theater and for music, deep bass is not THAT important since I've got that pretty much covered already with my sub.

    Cost is very much an issue, but since I can get everything at cost price from my store... Any speaker is accessible. I've noticed the Legends are discontinued, that will thus force me to make a move fast.

    Also, is it easy to find a center match for the Legends? I don't really care too much about the surrounds since I rearely listen to surround music and in movies the surrounds are only there for subtle ambience and quick swoosh sounds, so therefore the level must be matched but I think I can live with the fact that the sound won't exactly match.

    So basically what I need are two front speakers plus a center channel, since those are the real crucial speakers for a home theater and music application.

    So go on with your input, comments, advice, etc.!

  8. For tilting the speakers, Penn tennis balls work best.

    I also would have no problem recommending Dunlop as a more mainstream alternative.

    It must be pointed out, however, that I have only tried that setup with crappy Sony speakers. Klipsch speakers may be more sensitive to the brand and quality of the tennis balls.

  9. Are you going to use the digital outs of the DVD player to the receiver in both cases?

    If so, then there will be virtually no difference.

    I would think, however, that the digital-to-analog converters of the better models would be superior, making for a better sound if you used the analog outputs of the player in CD playing mode.

    I don't think it would be enough to warrant the heavy supplement though.

  10. why it was discontinued?

    because Sony wants to make money, therefore they stop making perfectly good products and come up with new and more expensive ones on a regular besis.

    it's a quite commonplace practise in the world of product-based business...

    you can probably get one for cheap (used or not) from the Net. although probably even less web sites ship to Dubai than Canada...

  11. there is no real standard for thisfunction, it depends on the manufacturers and models.

    i have found that in many instances the loudness button boosts the treble a little as well as the bass.

  12. bobg, could you explain why it wouldn't cause the same problems as if you hooked up two pairs of speakers to the A and B terminals of an amp?

    is it because the sub has a very low impedance?

  13. Yes they have, according to the system at the store I work at.

    I'm looking right now, there are like 5 left in the company (chain of a dozen stores) and none in the warehouse, and they are indicated as discontinued.

    So I guess you're kind of out of luck on this one pal!

    Look on the Web, maybe... If not maybe I can ship one to you but you seem to be far away... hence prohibitive shipping charges!

  14. I wouldn't do that.

    one, I've read in multiple places that driving two pairs of speakers with the same amp messes up the impedance, and I imagine it's the same for a bookshelf/subwoofer combo. Although the sub may not work in the same fashion.

    but whatever the case, I don't believe you'll get more bass with that setup.

    case 1: you set your speakers to small and therefore no additional bass is going to go to thesub below 80Hz, above which you're better off with your mains anyway.

    case 2: you set your speakers to large (unlikely) and therefore the bass will be separated between the sub outs (for the LFE) and the mains (for main bass). both will end up to the sub and you won't get more bass than in the first case, just introduce an extra filter in the system.

    I have my sub hooked up both ways and it gives me much more bass when I use the low-level sub outs on my receiver than if I use the speaker-level outputs and route the signal to my mains through the sub.

    conclusion: leave it the way it is, IMO.

  15. stop bitching.

    home theater is here to stay, not because of companies like Klipsch dedicating themselves more towards it, but because of the great majority of customers who care more about multi channel movie watching with impressive sound than two channel music listening with "high fidelity" sound.

    it's not your fault, it's not my fault (well maybe partially because I'm one of those people who look for impressive sound rather than realistic sound - if I want realistic, I'll go to a concert), it's not the companies' fault, it's the law of the greatest number. if most people want home theater with dsps, why the heck should companies tell them "no, you can't have it, we're staying true to our roots" and skip over a huge additional revenue?

  16. i have no idea what could be causing this bass issue in your system, but indeed, dts does sound better in most cases. and if it doesn't, it's at least as good as dolby digital. it uses less compression, which makes for a better sound, especially in the higher frequencies, but it's also noticeable on some bassy passages.

    have you compared apples with oranges, meaning dd and dts on the same movie or mix? because if not, some movies are more bassy than others, and that could be it. also, it may be the way your Technics receiver handles both signals... maybe there is a boost somewhere with the dd signal and not the dts, or something...

    hope it helps.


    seriously, get the biggest, baddest sub you can afford.

    some other subs to look at:

    -any from the SVS line, especially the ultras, even though they will be more expensive than the ksw15, they will go deeper, and probably louder in most cases.

    -Paradigm sw-2200, although maybe I'd go with something bigger and more powerful if I had the budget for it, but it's up to you, great boom for the buck, you could even buy two and stack 'em in a corner.

    -velodyne subs? don't know which model would suit your needs best though.

    other suggestions? oh, I'm assuming your main usage will be home theater, right?


    oops, I am temporarily getting my foot out of my mouth to say I'm sorry, but I misread and thought you were talking about the current series of klipsch subs.

    I don't think anybody will really be able to answer your question then, because we don't know for sure what the performance from those klipschmonsters will be like...



    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

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  18. what are you missing?

    not much, in the sense that a lot of people have played the piano for decades without touching that 27.5Hz "A" key... I don't even know whether there is any significant piano work that uses it...

    but you ARE missing on a lot of harmonics (the frequencies above and below the fundamental tone of a note) from a lot of instruments, piano or others.

    so get a sub. only those black boxes can go low enough to enable your system to reproduce the whole spectrum of your music. and even then, in most cases, they can't.



    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

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