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  1. the sub should be just that, a SUBwoofer, meaning it only produces the lowest notes, which are non directional anyways.

    but in a less than perfect world, subs often have to go higher due to insufficiently bassy mains speakers. plus, depending on the crossover freqency/slope, there might still be a high enough amount of material above the crossover point to warrant strategic positioning of the subs.

    the ideal of course would be a "small" world with all speakers only delivering material above 80hz, and maybe even lower than that for the mains, so as to have minimal directionality. then you could just stack the subs up with no real disadvantage.

  2. Hey, RWMIN, the only reason I don't have a couple of SVS Ultras in the corner of my room plus maybe some other subs scattered all around is only because of budget limitations, not because I'm notenough of a bass freak!

    Gotta buy that motorcycle first! I have to resist temptation...

    I figure I'll only have to work a couple more months for that, maybe till the next summer, then all my money is going to MONSTER BASS!!! and speakers.

    Gettin' tired of my Sonys, and I see the cost price of the good Klipsch at my store... it's hard. very hard.


    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

  3. Mr. Blorry, I second the suggestion of the Paradigm and anything from SVS you can fit in your budget.


    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

  4. I love my PW-2200, and the fact I paid the ridiculous price of $670 CANADIAN for it helps too...

    But if I had your budget and lived in the US I would definitely choose the SVS, basing myself solely on the opinions of basically everyone who experienced the SVS hardware first-hand... and on da man himself, Tom Vodhanel, very honest and intelligent guy. At the very least try them out!


    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

  5. gauge or awg (for american wire gauge) is a standard for measuring the thickness of cable.

    now i have no idea how the different sizes would compare to metric or other systems.

    let's just say 12 gauge is pretty damn big, while 16-18 gauge is much thinner. yes, it is an inverse relationship, meaning the smaller the gauge number, the thicker the wire.

    hôpe it helps.

  6. i occasionaly read Ultra High Fidelity.

    don't let the title fool you, they review pretty down-to-earth stuff. and they have good humour too.

    Guess what? The mag is published right next to my town, maybe 15 minutes away actually.

    it seems like listener is a Canadian mag too, from their recent coverage of the Montreal show...

  7. no i didn't get a new sub...

    still truthful to my PW-2200...

    the next thing i will be changing in my ht will be the SPEAKERS! I have some Sony's that I'd really love to replace by some Heritage speakers... or some recent Klipsch at cost from the place where i work.

    if I wait some more, I think people will start a humanitarian mission and organize a fund to help me get out of that muddy Sony sound...


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