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  1. Don't start talking crap about made in asia stuff...

    Most of the stuff you have in your house is probbly made in asia. Xcept you don't know about it. And besides, I don't think they keep making special, made-in-asia, crappy preamps just for you. I'm having no trouble at all with my speakers. Don't you see you're being illogical here? I mean, it's pretty obvious that if the speakers' design and construction were crap, everybody would have the same problem as yours. It is not the case.

    I'm guessing the problem is with the speakers themselves, not the preamp. Probbly in the sub's enclosed amp. You should send back the whole speaker system and have them send you a new one.

  2. OK guys, here's the deal. I just started getting into hifi hardware. I took a better look and an even better listen to my dad's stereo system in our library room.

    The speakers are JBL 2800, the stereo receiver/amptuner is a Harman/Kardon HK 3300 and the CD player is a Sony Compact Disc Player CDP-C515. So what's up with that system? I find it sounds really good (I don't have audiophile ears yet), but it's in a pretty small room with carpeted floor and so I'm thinking maybe they're even better than they sound and their not giving their full potential because of the room setup...

    So can anyone give me some info on those two systems? I tried looking on review sties but no luck this far... It's understandable cuz that system was bought a few years back (probably 1992 or around that time).

    Any help would really be appreciated!!

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