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  1. Anyone have a schematic on this xover? I understand the xover points are 700 hz and 6000 hz? Does anyone know what attenuation the mid and tweeter sections have as compared to the woofer section? Thanks.
  2. Great looking speakers! When you finish them you should consider using the MinWax wipe on poly. I just built 2 conference tables for work and use it on mahogany/cherry. Easy to wipe on and no brush marks. Getting inside the LaScala horn with finish ain't easy. I used a applicator pad and wiped it on quickly and did about 4 coats. Looks great. Good luck.
  3. Thanks for the response. These numbers don't exactly jive with the 2000 parts list Klipsch used to have on their website. The KSF-C% usesa a K1053SV woofer which may be the same as the K1053S now. The K1026S is a 6" woofer. The K1073K is a 10" massive sub. The KSW 10 uses a K1070K woofer according to the 2000 list. Maybe the numbers have changed. I have a change to purchase some of these and thought I'd get the specs before I decided. Thanks.
  4. First time poster. Anyone have the specs on these models: K 1026 S, K 1053 S, K 1073 K. Thanks.
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