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  1. If you are doing audio only, the BEST preamp I've ever heard, BY FAR, was the Sunfire Classic Tube Control Amplifier (pre). They aren't made any more, but one occasionally pops up for sale, and they usually command about $1,000.00, plus or minus $200.00. They are the cat's @$$! Pair that up with the Sunfire 300~2 channel amp and you are in for a treat!

  2. I have the Sunfire Ultimate Receiver as well as the Theater Grand IV processor and 400~7 amp. I've heard Mac but never owned one. I'd say for the price difference, the Sunfire is a better deal and you get a lot more power. In my opinion, the Mac doesn't "trounce" the Sunfire. You can't be serious abou the Yugo/Ferrari comparison! It's more like Ferrari/Bugatti Veyron comparison, with the edge going to Ferrari because it costs SO MUCH LESS than the Veyron...

    You'll never be sorry for purchasing a Sunfire product. I wouldn't buy the newest stuff though because they have a lot of the parts being made in China as of the past year.

  3. Here's what you do~ Make up some business cards (card stock is cheap at WalMart) with your name/number on one side, and the names of the merchandise you are interested in on the other side. Chat up the owner & leave your card letting them know you would like first pick at those items & be willing to pay a fair price. I know a guy who picked up a Sunfire Theater Grand I processor for practically nothing doing this. Another friend happened to look in the dumpster one day when he was dropping his trash & saw a pair of Heresy's in great condition (somebody's ex must've had a cleaning day!). He took them home & refinished them; they sound fantastic! You never know what gem you might find...

  4. If you want the sound like you hear at the traffic light, it can be any old sub. I have an RT-12d and find it to be very unobtrusive and especially like the room adjustment with the mic. Makes it very smooth in transition. I only use mine below 50 hz.

  5. First, the color choice is up to you. I've always loved the cherry finish, but the black is much more versatile.

    Second, I have a pair of RF-83s (have the entire 5.1 system) & they get very good low bass. That said, however, my RT-12d sub makes all the difference on the deep ELF. Depends on how "picky" you are about your music. Having had the sub now, I wouldn't want to live without it. Those low, low, thump into your soul notes below 40 hz really do it for me. I don't overemphasize the bass; just like the extension deep into the "feel" region from the "hear" region.

    Second, what is your price range on amplifiers? I personally recommend a good, used Sunfire amp like the 300x2 or 600x2. I'm my OPINION, they can't be beaten for the price. A lot of ppl have been raving about Outlaw as well, but I've never heard one of their amps. You will never go wrong with McIntosh, either; but to me they are very pricey for what you get.

  6. I would definitely invest in a new power system first, then see if you like what you hear before you drop major cash on crossovers.

    While Denon makes probably one of the most versatile processor sections in a receiver, the Sunfire Ultimate Receiver amplifier (200 REAL wpc) beats the crap out of the Denon. You can pick up a perfectly good Sunfire UR for under $2k; don't waste your money on a new one at three times that price. They are incredible & bulletproof. I have both the UR and the Sunfire Theater Grand IV processor mated with a Sunfire 400x7 Signature. The UR isn't far behind the separates in sound & has almost the exact same processor. These units have WORLD CLASS sound at fractions of what their overpriced competitors charge for only SLIGHTLY better sound.

    An example of bulletproof: I shipped a Sunfire 300x2 amplifier via UPS and they put a forklift tine THROUGH the side of the amp. It still worked like a champ with no noticeable effect on the amplifier.

  7. don2dusk:

    I have the RF-83 complete system (to include RC-64 center, RS-62 surrounds & the RT-12d sub); I went to my local dealer to ask about what kind of deal he could do. He was primarily an installer & had to order the system, but even with the retail @ $6400.00, he let me have it all for only $4200.00 tax included! Can't beat that.

    I power this system with a Sunfire Ultimate Receiver (200 wpc x 7) I purchased used from eBay in like-new condition for $2000.00 (it had been a demo model) and this combo is ASTOUNDING. Highly recommend both systems!

  8. Sunfire makes a 200 wpc & 400 wpc amp that is capable of destroying all your speakers. You can get one used (periodically) on ePrey for about $1500 for the 200 wpc & $2500 for the 400 wpc. They also make a 200 wpc Receiver (Ultimate) that can be had for between $2000 & $4000, depending which rendition you get (I, II or III). The only real difference is the III model and two HDMI inputs & one output. The older models do not have HDMI (which is highly damn overrated in my opinion). They are expensive but worth every penny & bulletproof.\

    Also, if your bass seems deficient in stereo mode, are you sure you don't have a crossover engaged directing the LFE or bass frequencies from the mains? That might explain you lack of bass...

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