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  1. Looking for replacement speaker ideas.  I had rf 63s hooked up to a vintage monster receiver. They are now in the home theater.  I loved them they would rock. You could play them loud and they took it no distortion. looking for a 2 channel speaker replacement. Playing rock and current pop music 

  2. Budget is open it is more of a availability problem. I wanted to add some choices since I canr find the 63's or 83' and if I do there across the country. 


    The radio head is from grace radio the mondo

  3. Looking for ideas for a 2 channel setup.  I was using rf63's. Loved them but they finally got moved to the home theater.  Current receiver is a 1970s monster receiver with a internet radio head.  I have been looking for rf 63's or 83's but they are hard to come by. Any ideas for a 2 channel replacement. Used in a game room. And played loud some times.

  4. I have a technics sa 700 receiver .  With a grace internet radio connected for music streaming.  I am looking for advice on speakers I had rf 63s connected and loved them. But I finally got my dream of a home theater  setup so they went to that. Know I am looking for a replacements I was thinking of waiting until I could find some f 83s. Or does anybody have a suggestion  on some belle vs cornwall vs la scala. Or any other ideas.  Room is 16 x 50 open from one end to the other  with half home theater other half game room. Pool table and an air hockey table.  Thanks for the help

  5. Looking for some sub advice.   Current system

     Rc 64 center

    Rf 63 front

    Rs 62 surrounds 

    Rf 62 rears

    So what sub or 2.   Room is large 16 x 50. Half for home theater half for game room. Currently  have a klipsch  10 sub looking for an upgrade

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