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  1. First off let me start by saying I'm sure I'll get yelled at, but I'm also sure someone has to agree with me. Here where my Klipsch journey began. My dad always loved Klipsch speakers so I grew up with them. He always wanted the big buck ones, but he started with the KG-4's. Those little speakers were pretty good, had great bass and I never new any different. But when I turned 18 and moved out I started looking for a set of powerful good sounding speakers. I didn't know much, I thought newer was better. First I tried a pair of Synergy speakers, and those went back to Best Buy 4 hours later. So I started looking around at the classics and found a pair of KG 5.5's for $400. Those in my opinion where okay, they sounded better than the synergy and RF's I tried, but no better than the KG-4s. I then sold them to my brother in law and when on a search for a pair of Forte I's. I found some (for $400) and they became my second favorite speakers ever, but I wanted more (which I still regret selling them). So I upgraded to a pair of Chorus I's (for $425), which in my opinion had less bottom end than the Forte. Having sold my Fortes' and chorus', I had to upgrade to something far better in my mind, the infamous La Scala. I found a really nice pair built in 1983 in great condition for $1200. I then bought new crossovers from Crites, AA and A model. They spent many years in my living room until recently we decided to move. Instead of moving the la scalas' into a smaller room I decided to sell them and during my conversation with the new owner, he told me to check out the KLF-30's. He said they were the sleepers of the Klipsch line and he had a pair(which he wouldn't sell). So by chance I found a nice pair of KLF-30's ($600) the next day on craigslist. I was hesitant but bought them without being able to turn them up and I was nervous. But when I got home and hooked them up, WOW, they sound the fullest of any speaker I've ever owned. They have amazing tight bass, and get as loud and clear as my old la scalas. After testing them for days now, they only seem to impress me more. They sound unbelievable at any volume. Here my final opinion on all the classic speakers I've owned with a 1 -10 chart rating with 10 being unbelievable- NOTE: My living room / kitchen is very large with 9 foot ceilings, and both carpet and tile, and only one true corner. Also I've tried them all with a new Harmon Kardon AVR 340 and all but the KLF's with a quality tube amp. KG-5.5 -2 way speaker I give it an overall rating 2 out of 10. The highs and mids are okay (rating a 2 out of 10) for a 2 way speaker and the bass is below average(rating 2 out of 10) especially for it's size. The reason for a 2, they sound good at low volume but distort at mid to high volumes. KG-4 - 2 way speaker I give it an overall rating 5 out of 10. The highs and mids are okay (rating a 4 out of 10) for a 2 way speaker and the bass is above average (rating a 8 out of 10). The reason for a 5, the bass takes this speaker to a new level of sound. They sound good at low volumes, and pretty good at mid volumes, and distort at high volumes. Forte I - 3 way speaker I give it an overall rating of 8 out of 10. The highs and mids are great being a 3 way speaker (rating 8 out of 10) and the bass is above average (rating 8 out of 10). The reason for an 8, the 3 way ability, nice tight strong bass and high volume capabilites without distortion. They sound great at any volume and I rate them higher than the la scalas. Chorus I - 3 way speaker I give it an overall rating of 7 out of 10. Again the highs and mids are great being a 3 way speaker (rating 8 out of 10), but the bass(rating 6 out of 10) isn't quite as good as the Forte I's. I don't know if it gets lost in the large box, but either way in my large living room they didn't produce nearly the same bass as the forte, KG4's or KLF's. That's the reason for the rating of 7 out 10. Otherwise they sound pretty good at any volume. La Scala- 3 way fully horn loaded design, I give it an overall rating of 5 out 10. The highs and mids are amazingly clear with the long mid horn and great sounding tweeter (rating 10 out of 10). But the bass is non existent (rating 1 out of 10). You have to have a subwoofer to be happy. Also the la scalas excel at projecting the sound out (distance), you can stand 40 feet away and it sounds like you're right next to them. The reason for the 5 out of 10, lack of bass. Don't get me wrong, if you have a sub and plenty of room they're hard to beat, but without a sub they're like the best sounding PA system you'll ever hear. They sound great at low, mid and high volumes as long as you don't care about bass. Last, they sit a little low, which I feel affects the sound when standing. KLF-30 - 3 way speaker, I give it an overall rating of 9.5 out of 10. The highs and mids are amazing at any volume (rating 9 out of 10) and the bass (rating 10 out of 10) is very strong and tight. Definetely no need for a sub-woofer here unless you're watching a movie in Dolby Digital. The speakers are very tall 45.25" which bring the sound very close to ear level. If you like clean non-distorting very loud music with bass that you feel in your chest (even in large rooms) these are the speakers for you. I truly believe these are the sleepers in the Klipsch line, the buyer of my la scalas was right. So if you've owned any of these speakers and disagree with me, let me have it [] , but remember this is only my opinion and your opinion is yours.[]
  2. I had the RF-3's for a week before I returned them. I was very disappointed especially since I come from the age of larger klipsch speakers. I also had a pair of kg5.5's for a year or so, before I sold them. They were better than the RF-3's by far, but I need 3 way speakers to be happy. Go with a three way speaker like the KLF-20 or KLF-30's. You won't be disappointed, they may not be as famous as earlier speakers like the Chorus or Forte, but I like them better.
  3. I've owned two pairs of KG4's over the years. I was very impressed with low and mid bass. I've progressed up the line owning one set of forte's, one set of chorus and now the La Scala's. I feel the KG4's dramitically beat all these other speakers when it comes to bass. However with all the speakers I own or owned, placement meant everything. I found the corners to be the best. Also on carpet the bass seemed to be a lot stronger than on tile. If the room is to large, the bass also seems to get lost. If you have the right placement, in the right size room the KG4's have amazing bass (at times sounding better than my 12" velodyne subwoofer which was $599). I've never owned an expensive receiver either, what I had was a Harman Kardon 120 watts per channel. Last my crossovers were stock. Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks SO MUCH for this info. This is exactly the type of info I've dying to hear. You've made up my mind, I going to order a pair of AL-3's. Thanks again for answering my question in EXACTLY the way I needed.
  5. "Since you have the K55M drivers, the appropriate (historically correct) networks would be the AL2 or AL3. I'd suggest an AL3 design. I have LSBR's with K55M's and BEC's AA's in them, but my room has very thick carpet and warm sounding wood paneling, so the extra bump in mid output is welcomed. For your uses, moving the A or AA would not be advised, both because of the High output/low order network and the K55M. " Would it be possible to explain a little better? I think your trying to say that since I have the k-55-m, the AA's won't be as good as the AL-3's. What does the AL-3's have that make them different? By the way, thanks for sharing your knowlegde.
  6. Great info, I think I'll start with the networks. Now any opinions on crossovers. Modified A's, AA's or AL-3's. I would like to purchase on of these from Bob, but I'm kind of unsure which one will perform the best at all volume levels? Just a note, I don't have enough money for ALK's. Thank for any info.
  7. First let me start by saying I've tried the search feature and still don't understand. I've read countless posts of charts, graphs and figures but I don't understand them. I'm no sound expert, but I know what I hear. So what I am asking for now is what people hear. First off let me explain my speakers and componets. I have a new HK solid state amp, pair of 1983 La Scalas with OLD AA crossovers, k-55-m mids, k77 tweeters and the k-33 woofer. I enjoy the sound but sometimes it's not as great as I would like. I like to listen to music low to mid most of the time, but every once in a while I like to crank it up. If I change my tweeters to the CT125's and purchase modified A's from Bob, am I going to notice that big of a difference? I'm guessing it will probably sound good at low volumes but what about at very loud volumes. Do I lose my high volume clarity? Basically what I trying to ask is, has anyone done this upgrade and noticed a really big difference? Big enough to go WOW at all volume levels? Or would I get more of a WOW factor purchasing a set of Bob AL-3's and keeping my current K-77's. Thanks in advance, I need some help making up my mind (seems like these questions have been eating away at me for some time but maybe the answer is to quit wanting more).
  8. Are both of the 8" drivers active bass drivers or only one? I've always wondered.
  9. Does anyone have a Marantz 2325 or a Pioneer SX-1280 matched with a pair of La scalas? I know the la scalas are efficient speakers and these receivers might be an overkill, but I like loud powerful music sometimes. I understand if I was to get a tube amp, the quality may be better (maybe), but the one I want is at least double the price. Currently I have a Harman Kardon AVR340 (70 watts per channel solid state theater receiver built in 2006) which sounds good and gets pretty loud, but to be honest it's not quite enough. After reading some info and talking to others, I've come to the conclusion that these models would best suit me, (I think) however, I've never had the opportunity to listen to either receiver with the La Scalas. Also is one receiver better than the other. From what I've read it seems these receivers WATTS PER CHANNEL are more powerful than the receivers built now-a-days.
  10. Am I crazy for thinking about doing this. I would like to take a la scala midrange horn(with k-55-V), K-77 tweeter and an AA crossover and create a center channel for my system. Would this even work considering I would have no woofer connected? Mounting the mid horn, tweeter and crossover isn't an issue, just wondering if it would work. If I have to mis-match componets, would it work if I use the K-77 and K-55-V and crossover out of different speakers (example la scala AA crossover, cornwall mid horn with k-55-v and heresy k-77)? Has anyone tried this?
  11. Wow, thanks Gil. This explains everything very well. Thanks for puting it in regular person language as I'm not an electrical or sound engineer. One more question for you if you don't mind, does the length, depth and width of the horn make a difference on how far the sound is projected out distance wise and does it make a difference with loud volume capabilites? Thanks
  12. Are the horns in the Klipschorns and La Scalas the same(for similar years)? I know the boxes are different, however, the horns both say K-55 or K-77. Do the horns have the same dimesions? Are they interchangable? The reason I ask is I've seen a pair of Cornwalls with the same k-55 horns, but they didn't look as large as the La scalas. Also, are the crossovers the same? Last, are the Klipschorn really that much better or is it a matter or preference?
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