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  1. I now use Win2k solely for everything. Overall it is more stable but occationally I do get the dreaded BSD. It plays all the current games on the market except for EA sports games...but, I hear there is a crack for that...I have the live plat. and use Microsoft mediaplayer and sounds great...Overall, I'm a happy...system: homemade A7v/ AMD 1ghz tbird/256 p-133/scsi cheetah hd/adaptec 160 UW scsi/sony 19" monitor/Plextor cdr/klipsch...
  2. quote: Originally posted by radad: did you use the liveware with w2k, it known to have lots of problems. Just use the w2k drivers. I don't use winamp anymore because of the above problems under win2k. I now use MS mediaplayer and sounds great...You may want to try it...
  3. Mine scraches when I turn the volume knob..I guess I can live with it. Would I need a new set of controller or new speakers? I don't want to return the whole system; Overall, I like the system..Just the scraching noice that is a pain....
  4. Hey, I use WinDVD 2.3 dts..It is not true surrond.....Also, why are you so lazy?
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