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  1. Many thanks,the room is about 8,5 x 4,5 mt and behind seating the wall is about 4,5 far away so I hope no need to an acoustic treatment
  2. A quick update..... I tried to insert a large carpet and heavier curtains on the windows as well as sound-absorbing panels on the wall behind the speakers and on the corners, I can say that the instruments in the front of the stage are now fuller and more detailed while some of those on the back have magically appeared, much more in focus the voices, especially those male so I can only thank you for your suggestions!!!
  3. Like all good horn speakers they are very transparent and return the sound quality of the upper chain. In many years I have used pre and amp Mc Intosh, Audio Research, Threshold and now Conrad Johnson, I noticed that the best you give them ,the best they give you back👍
  4. If the orange gasket is not present in one speaker the mid has already been disassembled previously, the important thing is that the mid diaphragm is ok
  5. No problem, disassembling the mid and its horn of a KLF is a simple operation, I managed to do it that I almost struggle to change a light bulb!!!!😃
  6. I can't say what exactly it's for but it should be on both mids
  7. ...and when you will listen at the KLF 20 please don't forget to update about it 👍
  8. I recently replaced the crossovers and the membrane of the two tweeters of my LEGEND KLF 20 with those of Bob Crites and after a few months of listening the impression is that the sound is much more detailed and refined an upgrade that is fully worth the money 👍
  9. The suspension of the woofers are not foam made so should be ok, there may be problems with the magnets and crossover of the speakers if they have been stored in a damp room, however congratulations, it could be a great deal 👍
  10. But have you already been able to see the speakers and check what condition they are in?
  11. There are many excellent speakers but IMHO only Klipsch first of all but also Electro Voice, Altec JBL and Tannoy are able to return the emotions of a live event
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