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  1. Good evening y’all. I just have a quick question that I couldn’t find the answer to on this forum so I’d thought I’d see if y’all can help. I’m moving out from college and have to bring my babies (klf20s) across country from Florida to Minnesota. I don’t have that big of a car so they’re gonna be taking up most of the space, my question is what is the proper way to lay them down for the drive? My first instinct is to say drivers facing up but I may need to pile stuff on top so is it safe for the speakers to be laid on their sides for the long drive? Thanks for any help you can provide
  2. Do you think the amp I have will suffice though? I only use it in stereo or pure direct mode and don’t bother with any of the Dolby or other settings
  3. Hey y’all, I recently had a post about acquiring some KLF 20s and after having them for a few weeks now I have to say I’m very happy finding them on Craigslist for under $300. The guy I bough them from had a lot of other stuff so I picked up his Denon AVR-3806 which runs 120 wpc and seems pretty nice for the $50 he wanted. I’ve heard a lot of hate on modern receivers like this though and I just want to hear if anyone thinks I need something better to hear the full capability of these speakers. Keep in mind I’m using them in a medium-small room on their own (no sub or anything). Thank you in advance for any replies, and if anyone has experience with similar or the same era denon amps I’d love to hear your feedback.
  4. Welp in case anyone was wondering, I took out both mid ranges and found a mess someone left behind for me. It appears that one of them had been dropped which messed up the threads from the squawker to the horn (luckily not enough for me to gently rethread them) but also the magnet had shifted. Got the magnet to a repair shop and have a new OEM diaphragm coming in the mail. The other horn had be assembled ok, only thing missing was the gasket. Does anyone know where to buy gaskets for these? (K52)
  5. I’m going to try this before I take apart the mid horn thank you for the advice.
  6. I think I’ll give klipsch a call tomorrow and see if they have any incite on it. Might have to take apart the horn as well but for all I know the one that’s quieter with the orange ring may be the one that’s functioning correctly. All I know is that it sounds very lopsided as a stereo setup
  7. I’m not sure and have no idea why only one would have it
  8. Here’s some pictures so you can see what I mean, there’s an orange ring in the one that seems to be quieter and I have no idea what it could mean
  9. So I got them yesterday and have been doing a lot of listening today in my own house with my equipment and they definitely produce more bass and a wider soundstage than I’ve heard from any fortes or heresys. My only issue with them that I didn’t notice when I tested them at the sellers house is that I think something may be wrong with the left midrange horn. I’ve tried different speaker terminals and inputs on my stereo but I can’t help to notice the left just having a quieter mid range. I can even see a slight difference looking into the diaphragm. If anyone knows a possible solution or cause of this id love to hear it.
  10. Yes they look to be untouched for many years. I’m hoping nothing can happen to the drivers from sitting for long but I’ll find out when I hear them this afternoon. Visibly they look to be in excellent condition.
  11. Thank you all for the replies you’re making me think I did ok here. Here’s how the real story goes with price. He had them listed at $170 (cut down from 275) as just some klipsch towers and I asked what model they were. He didn’t know but said he wanted to do some research. After seeing what they’re worth I offered him 275 since that’s what he originally wanted before knowing that and I think we’re both pretty happy with this deal.
  12. That’s great to hear you got me excited now do you think I did well on price? Just can’t believe how expensive heresys are getting nowadays and I’m getting these from a guy who had them in storage for many years didn’t even know what they were.
  13. I just made a deal for a pair of klf 20s in my price range that I wanted to put towards a pair of fortes or heresys. For some reason I couldn’t find any under 1k in the past few months so I’m sort of settling for these. I have a lot of experience with heresys since my dad owns his pair from the 70s. Any comparison helps, just craving that horn sound and want a solid pair to call my own. Btw I’m paying 275 for the KLFs
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