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  1. Good guess. I don't remember exactly what I decided on w/o reading, but it's a monster. It's propane (sadly) 72Kw, no gas where we are. Should run the entire house if we want it too. Buillder started out with 12Kw to keep the fridge and one a/c running. Generac. I like Kohler too, but the Generac is nice as well. Still a LOT of stuff to figure out about this, particularly the electrical and audio/video distribution for the house. Probably end up with Savant controller. Anyone have really stong opinions on wi-fi brands? Think I need 4-6 wired access points and a switch. I'm only half dumb on that stuff.
  2. And for the front 3, introducing madness. Set up for a test drive in the rental house while we wait for occupancy. If Bo_e can make your hair blow, these can rip skin off and sound grand while doing so! I run a sub with them, but I'm not sure I need one untill I try to get rediculously low. They go about as low as a mid-road sub. Kinda like I never really needed a sub with KHorns. But I suppose everything helps
  3. Framing of theater room. Screen end is flush mount wall with 4 foot access to rear. 2-24" doors either side. Subs going in front wall, not the best. Compromise with wife. Left 24" cutouts for when I figure out subs. Probably some forward firing tall behind the wall things. Other 3 cutouts are for left, middle, center. Had to have a couple windows to not mess up exterior facades. Rear wall is 2x4's offset. Should help mitigate sound a little from travelling, but there are really so many big doors it won't much matter. We're not too worried about sound moving thru the house. Might shoot some icene (sp?) to fill a few spots in the trusses. Probably dbl drywall with green glue that rear wall.
  4. Oh, backup power coming. We lose power and are low priority to restore zone.
  5. About 20 miles NW of downtown Tampa. Kind of horse country.
  6. Now for a question. Does anybody know where to get flush mount wall brackets to hang KPT-250 surrounds from? Says they are industry standard mounts, but I'm not seeing much. Would like a flush mount that wraps and attacked to the sides assumming that would keep the speaker closer to the walll than a rear mount. Thanks IT
  7. Time for an update. First we need some power. Had to run a new transformer.
  8. Has remote Original boxes Pampered Walnut case I'd guess less than 15 hours. $2,200, split shipping CONUS Everything else sold so splitting this out be it's poor, blue, lonesom self
  9. Four Crowns I show delivered at 1:06 pm on 7/22? Please let me know if you didn't get them.
  10. I can check tracking in the morning, don't have it handy. Think I shipped them last Monday, so I would think they would be there. I'll let you know.
  11. I know they found a great home! Enjoy.
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