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  1. Just a quick 2 cents worth- I bought a house last year with a small pole barn, more the size of the garage. The house came with a franklin stove, and when I went to insure the house, the Insurance Company sent me a set of dimensions that the wood burner had to be in order to meet their codes( 3 feet from the wall). I didn't meet the code, so I thought about moving the stove to the "garage". My sister, who is my insurance agent, said that I would not be able to get any coverage if I used a wood burner inside an outbuilding. Maybe just one insurance company's rules? Something to check on possibly? BTW-I converted the franklin stove to natural gas logs, and everyone is happy! --Kevin
  2. I've been trying out winemaking this winter. I've got a couple of batches going right now. I'll see in a few months how it turns out.
  3. I have Infinity Speakers in my 79 'Vette, but when I fire up that built 454 with straight pipes I can't hear 'em all that well! A strong V-8 is music to my ears!
  4. I'm out here in Lapeer, and just spent 2 hours shovelling out the driveway. Can't move my arms to turn on the stereo....
  5. Thanks for the info, Kimball. That's kinda what I was hoping to hear! -Kevin
  6. I currently have a pair of KSW S5 rear surround speakers mounted to the back wall. My listening room is only about 8 or 9 feet deep, and my couch is against the rear wall. I'm thinking of installing in wall speakers instead of the S5's for a more sleek look. My question is: would I lose much sonically? I only use the surrounds when watching a movie or listening to a DVD-A or SACD.Most of my listening is just 2.1. Thanks-Kevin
  7. I haven't had the car nearly opened up. I has a 3.08 rear gear with a 700r4 overdrive tranny as well. Will cruise at 100 without breaking a sweat. Will not outrun police radar, though!
  8. I have a 79 'Vette with a 454 big block that I purchased for less than 11 grand. Will probably do close to 175mph, and is a lot faster than my pick-em-up-truck. Won't haul k-horns at all!
  9. I have added a deck to my house with a roof over the main part (10 feet by 20 feet), and am wanting to add some Klipsch outdoor speakers. Can anyone tell me their experiences with Klipsch outdoor speakers and maybe some recommendations? I'll probably buy used from either here or e-Bay. Thanks
  10. For what it's worth- I have had several Yamaha receivers over the years, and still have a couple laying around. I bought an Elite receiver at a close-out sale and I am totally satisfied with it. I think it sounds cleaner than the Yamaha's I've owned, and it seems easier to set up and operate. Of course this is only my subjective opinion. They are both good companies.
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