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  1. Quartets are hard to find, but if you can find 4 Quartets and an Academy Center I think the sound would be pretty awesome. You should be able to do this for $900 to $1,000 . I dont think the KG4s have enough punch for Home Theatre. I too came here 9 months ago after buying 3 set of Bose 901s looking for infomation on Klipsch. I was told by Thebes to box them up, sell them and buy Klipsch. So I did, but only have sold 1 set so far. What Thebes didnt tell me was how addicting Klipsch sound was. Since then I have bought 28 speakers !!!! 6--- Kornerhons 2--- LaScallas II 2--- Cornwalls II 2--- Forte II 2--- Heresy II 4--- Quartets 4--- KG4s 2--- Kg2s 1--- Academy Center 1--- RC-25 Center 1 Boston Acoutics PV1000 sub ( not klipsch but sounds awesome ) I dont say this to scare you off but this should tell you something about Klipsch Products. Oh, and by the way I am looking for a Belle for a Center Channel. " I LOVE THIS STUFF " Don
  2. I agree with you 100%. For the dollars spents, hands down they are the best. I have 4 of them in Oiled Oak and I would not trade them for 4 Heresys. Don
  3. It looked as though some of you showed a serious interest in this Electro Voice Speaker, Here is the address ---- http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-Electro-Voice-Patrician-IV-speaker-cabinet_W0QQitemZ260281870686QQihZ016QQcategoryZ50597QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Don
  4. I have 3 different Adcom Amps , they are all listed in my beginning post. Right now I have 2 901s wired up to the left channel and 2 901s wired to the right of only 1 amp. Just wasnt sure that is ok to do with the horns and belles. I definatrely dont want to mess anything up!! Thanks, Don
  5. I am going to be back with these tomorrow night and I know the first thing I want to do is hear them. Is there anything special I have to do to hook them up to a 2 channel amp. Khorns as front and Belles as rears. Thanks, Don
  6. Thanks Wrangler, That is absolutly perfect. I considered an enclosed trailer but was afraid of the road vibrations. Looks to me like you went alot farther with no problems. I only have to drive 4 hrs to get them. A box truck is going to be expensive! Thanks, Don
  7. I am currently running 4 Bose 901 with 2 hooked to the left channel & 2 to the right. I have been told that I am now running them at 4 ohm instead of 8 ohm, is that correct. I want to use the Horns as fronts and the Belles as rears, what would be the correct way to wire them? Thanks, Don
  8. Hey Scott.... Thank You for your reply! I would like to make a template but the Klipsch specs dont give all the dimensios. Would you happen to know them. It gives a width dimension and a front to back but no dimension of the return on the base Thanks, Don
  9. Thanks Bruce, I really appreceiate your reply. The long walls wont work I have to use the 2 shorter walls for front and rear.
  10. I have a fairly small den. It is 13ft X 22ft. I will be putting the horns in the corners of the 13ft. wall with a 7ft wide fireplace in between them. It only sticks 5in. from the wall with a 16in high raised hearth coming out 18in. in front of the fireplace. The room has a vaulted ceiling. While I am there on Sunday to pick up the horns there is also a set of 82 Belles I want for rears located in the same city. Would that be going overboard for that size of room? Thanks, Don
  11. I very much LOVE small blocks. Had them for 15 years before this BBC. The last SBC I had was a 462ci, drysump engine injected on Alcohol. It just ended up costing too much money to maintain it. I have just recently realized with music you buy the equipment and your done. I have bought more stuff in the last 30 days than I can listen too. Once it all gets here with the help of the great folks on this forum we will decide what goes and what stays. Thank You All Very Much, Don
  12. thanks guys.... I really, really, really apprecieate these responces. I have been out of music and into drag racing for the last 20 years. I always thought that nothing sounded better than a 1,000hp Big Block Chevy on alcohol with open headers. I have always tried to buy the best equipment I could afford. As of this year I have retired from racing and I am going to add some entertainment to my home so I wont get bored every Friday and Saturday night when I am usually racing The folks that have answered my questions so far have a combined total of over 27,000 post, thats amazing!!!!! Beleive me your answers will not go unread, I will be listening very carefully. Thanks Again, Don
  13. Thanks Daddy Dee... These are 1980 Horns, 1 owner who has oiled them once a month for the last 27 years. When I asked if there were any scratches he said there wasnt even any dust to be seen on them anywhere. At this point I am just concerned on what to drive them with! He said they have never even been played loud.
  14. Hi... newbie here. I am looking to buy a set of Khorns and not sure what the most desirable years of the Horns are. I have 3 different Adcoms amps I can use. !- GFA 5802-- 300 wpc into 8 ohms 2- GFA 555II-- 200 wpc into 8 ohm and 3 - GFA- 545- 100 wpc. I would really apprecieate all the opinions I can get. I have just purchased 3 set of Bose 901 Series VI and 1 set of Klipsch KSP 300 and the sound is not quite what I am looking for. Thank You in advance!! Don
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