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  1. Thanks everyone, I waited and got a set of stock Forte 1s for $400. They're better for rock music than the KLFs imo. The Fortes are more alive sounding and the midrange for guitars is not as pushed back in the mix as the KLFs. I'd like there to be even more midrange personally, maybe because I play guitar. The KLFs had a stronger and tighter low end but I don't miss it.
  2. Ok I'll try that before trying crossovers, thanks!
  3. No I sold the KLF 20s. I like the Fortes a lot better. They are more like the Heresy and I liked that sound. The Heresys still have a beefier guitar sound though that I miss.
  4. I don't understand all the technical info. The only thing I got out of this is Crites crossovers make them brighter and I should use an eq. I'm looking for beefier electric guitar sound in the speakers. When a chord is played it seems a little thin. Sorry I didn't say that before.
  5. Finally got some Fortes! What is the exact sonic difference with the Crites crossovers? I would like to hear more fullness, perhaps in the highbass. The highs and mids are great,.. just my first impression. These are more dynamic sounding than my KLF 20s. The mids and highs are forward and lively in the Forte, but the KLFs seen to have more all around bass and lowmids. I don't need a lot of lowbass though, so I don't miss that part.
  6. Says he is the original owner, non-smoking, never in storage. Says they are in great shape, just a few nicks on the bottom pedestals. $700 http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/ele/4171660511.html
  7. I just got a Technics SU-V9 integrated amp and love it! Has anyone else used on of these? It's a class A amp made in 1981, top of line Technics that year. It reminds me of a Krell integrated I had a long time ago. I guess because they're both class A the sound has more authority and all the instrument stand out clearer. I might just start using class A amps from now on. I have mine hooked to KLF 20s and the Technics seemed to make the bass stronger and also tighter compared to my vintage Sansui.
  8. I went from a Heritage speaker to KLF and the KLF midrange is not very good in comparison imo. It was like the electric guitar was turned down in the KLF. But some people like KLF for the reason the midrange is not as forward. Being a guitar player though I want the midrange forward so I can hear the guitar better. I've been wanting Forte too, and have also been wondering about Forte I and II midrange. Is the tractix more or less forware for things like electric rhythm guitar (100 - 200hz)?
  9. I talked to Bob Crites and he said the K-79 (KLF) has a larger magnet assembly than the K-76, so he guesses I should not interchange them. I took apart the hissing K-76 and didn't notice anything. I had been using the Heresys for PA speakers for band practice, and was driving them pretty hard especially in the high freq, maybe that had something to do with it. I'm just going to put it back in the Heresy because I didn't notice the hiss when it in there. Thanks for trying to help me though, I appreciate it.
  10. I switched tweeters between the KLFs and now the hiss is in the right speaker. The hiss may be the record's hiss but one tweeter definitely has a louder hiss than the other. It's like it sounds thin and has a shrill tone in the highs, making it also sound louder than the other one. When I switched them left and right they both said K 76 K.
  11. Hi Everyone, I switched out Bob Crites tweeters from my Heresy IIs to my KLF 20s and now there is a hiss in the left KLF speaker. I swtiched the speaker wires to check if it was the amp and it wasn't. I took out the tweeter on the KLF to check the wires and they were on right. Does anyone know what this could be? I never heard the hiss when the tweeters were in the Heresy IIs. It's just in the left speaker.
  12. I had a little 15 watt Sherwood tube amp hooked up to KLF years ago it and sounded very nice but I don't think it was powerful enough, especially for the bass. I'm more interested in mid and treble now though, I don't need loud, deep bass anymore. The tube eq sounds like a good idea I could try. I can always sell it if it sounds bad. I can try Crites crossovers too. First I want to see how the tube amp changes the freq response by itself though. Testing an amp before buying might be difficult, I'msort of familiar with it already, but I just want to be sure to get a good amp like a Citation or Stromberg, or even Luxman. I guess I'll need a variac since it'' be on all day almost everyday.
  13. Thanks. Someone mentioned before to change a capacitor in the crossover to boost the mids, is that what the Crites crossover does? Right now I'm using the eq built in to my audio interface on my computer, but it doesn't help when listening to records because the turntable isn't attached to the computer. The problem I have with doing it in the crossover is I don't know if it will give the result I want. The software eq I'm using right now is parametric and has 3 dots -- a 3.5db gain at 400hz, 2.4db gain at 1.2khz, and a little 1.2db lift at 2.5khz which has made the sound the way I like.
  14. Thanks. Would it change the sweetness of the tube sound if I used a separate eq? I didn't realize there aren't many tube amps with mid tone knobs. I listen to the amp on and off during the day, and not very loud.
  15. My Onkyo a-9555 is acting flaky and I need to start looking for a new amp. The only concern I have is that I turn on my amp in the morning and don't turn it off until late at night. Will that be a problem for a tube amp? Also I'd like tone controls, specifically a midrange control because I always like to make the guitars a little beefier. The KLFs dip a little in the midrange ('rock' speakers). I don't want to spend more than 1k. The Onkyo is considered good bang for the buck, so I'd like to find something similar that has good price/performance ratio and is an improvement over the Onkyo.
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