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  1. Hey All! Along same lines as "my 2.1 BT THX system quit" - I actually have 2 of these systems - 1 for my PC and 1 for Zwift - not sure but had for a number of years now. Love the sound! But moved to new place in Sept and found that BOTH now produce an odd occasional popping loud noise plus subwoofer hum. Switched satellites, control pods, subs and plugged into other outlets but still these noises. Only used for very moderate Youtubes and some music plus Zwift... Contacted Klipsch via chat few weeks ago and they suggested plugging headphones into control pod to listen for the pops but couldn't tell. Emailed cust service again about a week ago but NO response....so now what??? Donate to Goodwill??? Been a Klipsch fan for years now but very sad their cust serv has disappeared...
  2. Hello, My Dad purchased one of these CM Labs RR805 - I don't know when. I can't give you any real info about it. My request is - how much did you pay for it? He cannot use his any more due to his age, and we need to sell it. Thanks for any help you can give! Daniel
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