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  1. thanks guys. I checked the ebay listing. they look nice, but too rich for my budget right now. I may have to save up a little more and keep my eyes peeled out. Just curious, but can that 2.2VL be put on it's side, vertically? I assume that since the tweeter looks round with no horn that it can. Am I wrong? I searched with "Klipsch KG" and couldn't believe some of the prices some people are asking for other models in this series.
  2. Are you suggesting another 3.2 for the center? If so, I understand the timbre aspect . . . but I don't think my wife will stand for another speaker that size. As it is, she thinks those are too big
  3. So did you make some change in the "7 channel enhancer"? I was wondering about that. It's the setting I keep my set on right now. Seems to sound the best. I do see that the display shows the correct 5.1 setup I have. I made the configuration changes, so that's probably why. I just wonder why they don't have a "5 channel enhancer". They must have known that some users will have a 5 speaker setup. I may have to keep a look out for 2.5's as well as 2.2's. What's the big difference? I suppose I'll look it up and see. I have never looked into how the Kg series is numbered. I just figured that on my 3.2's, it means 3 speakers, with 2 active.
  4. Good idea, thanks! I see you have a Yamaha AVR as well, very closely related to the RX-V665 I got last week. I'm hoping to enjoy it like the Yamaha R-V701 it replaced.
  5. Hmm. Seems like the 2.2 is the way to go. If the price was right, I'd certainly go ahead and get a pair, and just use one. There is a guy locally with a KT-LCR. I don't know yet if it's black, or oak, or . . . the specs on this site say it's THX certified. I don't have THX on my Yamaha, but I assume the certification would mean it is good? BTW, I don't mind spending some time waiting for the right speaker to come along. I'm in no hurry and currently selling another piece of gear to help finance this move.
  6. Good to know, thanks! I'll play around with the setup this weekend. I also have some Boston Acoustics A40 speakers ready to refoam, and I had thought of even putting them in the rear, but don't think my wife would approve
  7. After getting the main wiring hooked up last night to watch some tv, I was surprised at how well the Kg's did. As for not using a center channel, maybe I'm brainwashed . . . to have a 7.2 receiver and only using 4 speakers and sub seems like I'm wasting something . . . but as you say, the reality is whatever setup works for my space and sounds good should be my goal. I may try that out in the next few days. That is, without the center speaker. I haven't tried to use the YPAO microphone that came with the Yamaha to do the proper setup. I'll be curious to see how that effects things. By the way, these Kg's have the Bob Crites titanium diaphragms, which I'm glad I got. I can only imagine how the BEC crossovers would help.
  8. Hmmm. Bummer. I only have about 10-11 inches of width to fit a speaker, so maybe I need a different make? Maybe PSB alpha? I understand what you are saying, but I hope that somebody makes or made a center channel that will work. The small JBL is 6.5 inches wide, 4 inches high, 4.25 inches deep . . . it's not bad, but there has to be something in between that would sound better, right?
  9. Hey guys, I have a pair of Kg3.2's in oiled oak that are up front in my 5.1 setup with a Yamaha RX-V665. I used to have these as speaker B along with my JBL SCS 110 satellite speakers + subwoofer. This was too much to look at for my wife, so I moved the small JBL fronts to the rear and the Kg3.2's will do front duty . . . but I still have the small JBL center channel, which is or appears to be the exact same as the other fronts, which are now in the rear. Confused? I hope not So my thoughts for a visually and sonically balanced setup are to find a Klipsch center channel in oiled oak that can stand/sit next to the tv cabinet my HD tv is sitting on. A key point I need to make is there is not enough room for a typical horizontal center channel to sit on the cabinet just below the tv. Plus the center between the fronts is to the side of the tv. Crazy, but this is the only way it all works in the wide room with fireplace. Any thoughts?
  10. They were $52 plus shipping. I haven't listened much yet, and my sound source wasn't ideal . . . but since I did one speaker and hooked up to go back and forth with the balance knob, I could hear the biggest difference on classical in that the highs were smoother. The upgrade delivers a refined improvement. Granted, if the setup/sound source were better than what I have, I'm convinced I would hear a bigger difference. But even so, it's enough to make the expense worth it to me. The way I look at it, is if the speakers are "keepers", then any investment I make that delivers improved sound and more enjoyable experience, and joy of ownership, it's worth every penny. At some point, I will have to make a decision on how I want to approach the crossovers. That should be even more significant, but I knew that I wouldn't do that without FIRST replacing the diaphragms. One last thought is if I buy any other Klipsch speakers (vintage), I will most likely assume I will make the same upgrade
  11. Got the Crites titanium diaphragms yesterday and installed this morning. Pretty simple really. Now to get my AV system proper so I can get a good source running out of these speakers . . .
  12. Just put in a set of titanium diaphragms today. I'm looking forward to getting my living room system up to speed so I can enjoy these Klipsch Kg3.2's
  13. It's interesting, but I noticed the plastic trim ring is not perfectly round and get close to the surround. The rim of the speaker doesn't seat perfectly on the face of the cabinet either. But then I looked at the other speakers in the other cabinet and noticed there are similar variances. I can't imagine it effects the sound. The bass is amazing for their size, as I was playing some different scenes from the Lord of the Ring DVD (since this TV system isn't setup for music yet) and those woofers were really moving on some things. I decided to tone it down though and let the rubber slowly get some exercise on regular TV for a few days . . .
  14. I got the NOS passive woofer today! It came in the original box from Klipsch back in 1995. It did not have the thin foam gasket to go between it and the speaker, but I went ahead and installed it and it works just fine. Do I need to have a thin gasket in there? Also, I ordered the Bob Crites Titanium diaphragms today too . . .
  15. I got the NOS passive woofer today! It came in the original box from Klipsch back in 1995. It did not have the thin foam gasket to go between it and the speaker, but I went ahead and installed it and it works just fine. Do I need to have a thin gasket in there? I also ordered the Bob Crites Titanium diaphragms today . . .
  16. I'm happy to say I found a NOS passive woofer and ordered it today. I'll let you know if it's what I hope it is when it gets here. Thanks for all the helpful tips and info! At least I know that worse case scenario, there are more than a few ways to keep the speakers alive and well.
  17. Well, I bid on that auction and then today found a NOS passive woofer and bought that . . . had it shipped. So the blues turn into the bright blue sky of audio joy Thanks for the encouragement guys, and all the info. I'll let you know if the NOS woofer is what I think it is.
  18. Thanks Steve. I sent an email. I did hear back from one shop that thinks they may have the speaker I need. We'll see. And I'll update the thread as soon as something new comes up. Thanks everybody for your encouragement. If I'm learning one thing, it's definitely patience. matt
  19. I may take the DIY route this weekend, but I will still keep my eyes out for a replacement woofer in perfect condition. I realize that the passive woofer for the Kg4.2 series is exactly the same, so it opens up my possibilities a little.
  20. I'm at the point I would spend the money, but unfortunately I heard back from custumer service at Klipsch saying the ACTIVE woofer is $81.15 and available. They do NOT have the passive woofer anymore. My preference at this point will be to find a replacement somewhere in the USA . . . until then, I'll probably live with the tear.
  21. Thanks Bill. That is encouraging! I did talk to Bob about the tweeters and crossover, and I'd probably do the tweeters first, but from what you've said, and from what I've gathered from looking at other comments about Bob's work, I am motivated to find a fix for my woofer(s). I suppose I can be glad it's the passive. But for some reason, Klipsch still carries the active woofers for these speakers.
  22. I posted a few threads on some other forums here and nobody has even viewed, so maybe I was in the wrong spot. I love several things about these Kg3.2's, and I know they aren't considered anything special as far as Klipsch speakers are concerned, but for me, they are the right size, the right look, and they are my first pair of Klipsch. I have two problems. First, I am a purist, so the idea of altering my speakers, doesn't sit well (yet). The second problem is I have a tear in one surround of a passive woofer. I can only fix by replacing with foam surrounds (I say plural, since I would do both for balance). So if I decide to keep these speakers, and do that, but don't like the outcome. Does it make sense to upgrade these? I know of the Bob Crites tweeters, which I might be interested in trying out down the road, maybe even with crossovers, assuming I can get the specs from Klipsch, but my first concern might be replacing the passive woofers. To let you know where I am, if I had to spend another $150 on these, but could end up with the best Klipsch in this size box, I would consider it, especially since they look spectacular.
  23. Call this a rant if you want, but I'm a bit frustrated. As I posted on another thread, I am trying to find a rubber surround repair kit for the passive woofer on a pair of Kg3.2s I just bought. The two most promising sources have told me I have to go to Klipsch. A rep at Klipsch tells me I have to buy a new woofer. So does it make sense to spend $81.15, plus tax and shipping for one passive woofer, hoping that the other surrounds don't give out? I don't think so. I see repair kits for just about every other speaker make out there. Does Klipsch do this in an attempt to maintain control over how their speakers soundin terms of not letting DIYer's or repair shops fixing? It's not like my wanting to fix a pair of old speakers is going to cost them the sale of a pair of new speakers, which I can't afford . . . but if I go down the road of buying new replacement speakers for these, I could essentially buy a new pair of speakers, if other components give out soon. It's almost like these speakers are expendable, or disposable. It's crazy to me. I am hoping someone can explain this to me . . . if I'm budget conscious, are Klipsch not the speaker for me?
  24. I know this is bass ackwards, but I really like the KG 3.2's I just got, but they don't sound so great on the Yamaha R-V701 receiver I have. The surround speakers I have setup are JBL SCS 110's that work well enough for movies. I have the KG 3.2's on the B speaker connection. The Yamaha has 80 wpc for the front three speakers, and 15 wpc on the rear speakers, but the manual doesn't say anything about the "B speakers", but I assume they are 80 wpc? Maybe I need to change my setup? I bought the Yamaha back in 1996, and wouldn't mind upgrading, but I see so many receivers like Denon, Kenwood and Yamaha on craigs, that I have no way of knowing what will sound good, short of driving to everyone's house with my speakers to test, which I won't be doing for obvious reasons. So I hope to hear from anyone with experience to at least direct me to certain manufacturer's, models, year range, power minimum, etc. . . . anything to help me narrow my focus. I'm on a tight budget, and I realize at some point, I will most likely find myself looking for my second pair of Klipsch, on a higher level, but I need to optimize what I know I'll have for at least the next year.
  25. I need to replace the surround on one passive woofer on a pair of KG 3.2's I picked up recently. I've refoamed a pair of New Advent Loudspeakers, that involved replacing the dust caps too. I assume I need to do that on this speaker. Furthermore, I assume I should do both passive woofers? My big concern is that I want dust caps that match (if I have to replace) so I'm hoping to get referrals to places I can get the proper kit. I'm pretty anal about the visual stuff, so even though the grills will be on most of the time, I still want them looking right. On a side note, any recommendations on if I should do anything while inside? Everything else on these speakers looks perfect . . . Thanks in advance!
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